Checkeeper Prints Paychecks Securely and Reliably

Jun 16, 2023
Checkeeper Prints Paychecks Securely and Reliably

Your business has grown and you have the need—and budget—for new hires. That is a great position to be in, and one that will require human resource management tools. Employees are legally entitled to prompt, accurate paychecks, and fortunately, various online HR management tools are available to help busy entrepreneurs calculate payroll deductions, file payroll taxes, and print paychecks on time. Checkeeper can be an asset for those times a paper check is needed. Whether it is an employee who does not use direct deposit, a remote worker who receives a check in the mail, someone you only pay occasionally, or entire onsite staff, Checkeeper can handle your business's paycheck printing.

Checkeeper can work with your business to assist payroll processing. Consider specific situations when printing and mailing a check on demand can help streamline payroll.

As a stand-alone

If you are accustomed to writing out by hand a small batch of paychecks every two weeks, you may be surprised at what a time-consuming nuisance this process will become as the size of your staff grows. A few bi-monthly checks may not take too much time, but continue multiplying that and you will soon need several hours or more to log employee hours, calculate deductions and taxes, and issue payments. If any of these checks need to be mailed, factor in more time, supplies, and expense. Online check printing and mailing can eliminate the time, cost, and supplies needed to get paychecks out quickly.

As a software add-on

Many small business owners appreciate the convenience of online software tools for managing HR and payroll needs. Online accounting and payroll software is widely available to help busy entrepreneurs organize the finances and sync their payroll data automatically for real-time account updating and management. Checkeeper integrates with the most popular accounting and payroll products available: Gusto, QuickBooks Online, FreshBooks, Xero, and more for those times when a paper paycheck is needed.  

As a backup

Data breaches and financial management problems at banks and payment processing companies can have a ripple effect and impact payroll for small companies who depend upon them for payroll management. The collapse of SVB earlier this year and the numerous cyber attacks at other financial companies over the last two years have made it more important than ever for companies to have a backup plan in mind in case of an unexpected (and sudden) outage. Your employees still need to be paid. Nothing is more reliable as a backup than a paper check. It is still one of the most commonly-used methods for transacting and circulating funds and can be accepted by virtually anyone. If your normal payroll processor suffers a disruption or if your AP software is discontinued, Checkeeper can step in on a moment’s notice to get your employees their timely checks. One account allows unlimited printing of as many checks as you need, for as long a time as you need them. Have a lot of checks and want to save time? Upload a CSV file with all the information and print the entire batch of checks at once. For even faster processing, have Checkeeper print them for you so that no extra time or supplies are needed on your end. Checkeeper can mail the entire batch back to your office for disbursement.

Checkeeper for reliable paycheck printing and mailing

No matter what payroll needs your company has—or what kind of payroll and HR tools you already use—Checkeeper can be a welcome service for printing payroll checks and mailing them out promptly and accurately. Not everyone uses direct deposit or mobile banking options to receive their pay. Billions of checks continue to change hands each year, and for those cases when a paper check is preferred by an employee, online check printing and mailing services save time, cost little, improve accuracy, and streamline the overall financial management.