Check printing and mailing services

We print, lick, and stamp so you don't have to.

"Super simple and straightforward way to eliminate the need for paper checks in your office. It costs $1.25, which includes postage. It effectively costs a little more than $0.50 to never stuff an envelope again!"

Timothy Haitaian Co-Founder at RedShelf

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Our check mailing services are included with every Checkeeper account. Ideal for low-volume every day mailing, just select the checks you want Checkeeper to mail for you-we'll do the rest.

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Custom check printing solutions

Rebate checks, refund checks, class-action settlement payments or any type of high-volume and one-time check mailing services can be handled by Checkeeper's check fulfillment services. It's a fast, low-cost, custom solution for any order size.

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Just as if you sent them

Checks are mailed with your bank account information, your business details and shipped off USPS to whomever you tell us you're paying. It's just like you mailed the checks yourself!

  • Your account/routing information is printed on the checks
  • All checks are mailed First Class USPS
  • Vendors will think you mailed the check yourself
  • Mailed in a #10 double-window envelope

$1.25/check bulk discounts available

Includes printing on secure check stock, detachable payment stub, stuffing into double window envelope and USPS First-Class postage.

Need an API?

You can now integrate Checkeeper's check mailing capabilities into your own web and desktop applications with an easy to use API from Checkeeper! Handle check payments seamlessly, simplify accounting tasks for staff, or simply offer your own white-labeled check mailing service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do checks take to be delivered?

Check orders received before 4pm EST will be mailed the same day they're submitted, Monday-Friday. Typical USPS First Class delivery times are between 1-4 business days.

Where are the checks mailed from?

Checkeeper has two print and mail centers. One located in South Carolina and the other in Wisconsin.

Why does Checkeeper need my account and routing information?

Checks are printed (in MICR) with your provided account and routing details because Checkeeper doesn't handle funds in anyway, we simply print your details on the check for you- it's as if you were printing and mailing the check yourself.

Can Checkeeper mail outside the United States?

Yes! We can mail any US or Canadian based bank check to any location in the world. The rate for this is $2.50 per check.