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Checkeeper's check printing software makes your business' check registry a breeze to manage. Spend less time cutting checks and more time conquering those business dreams.

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Is Checkeeper right for you?

At the end of the day you're the one vendors, clients and customers depend on to receive payments. Nobody works harder at your business than you do, so how about some software that can keep up?

If you're honest with yourself, you'll likely admit that your current check writing process is painful and incredibly time-consuming each week. Writing those payroll checks, customer refunds, vendor checks and tax payments by hand is getting the best of you.

Trust us, we've seen it all when it comes to makeshift solutions for printing checks. Word document templates, excel files, even a Photoshop layout- one mistake and any record of those checks would be gone forever. Not so professional, huh?

There is an easier way to write and mail checks

Just imagine, with the click of a button a check could write and stuff itself inside an envelope for you. The tedious hours of verifying and hand writing checks would disappear. Imagine, there would be no more risk of losing a check template or your records of previously printed checks. Your checks would look beautiful, professional and your payees would know you mean business when payment is made on-time. Look who's professional now!

A solution built around a need

Checkeeper was created when our founder, Justin, was embarrassingly using Photoshop to print checks on top of the outdated check stock he owned. Then one day, he got the dreaded call from a vendor that payment hadn't been received and he had no record of the check created for proof of payment. As a self-employed professional trying to create a big image, this is the last thing you want. The alternative? All the online accounting software was bloated and didn't offer check printing. Or, if they did, it required specific check stock to be used. Neither were a help to Justin so he did what any entrepreneur would do...

Checkeeper customers are saving an average of 14 hours a month and $6.00 on every check mailed

He built exactly what was needed, and nothing more.

The result: an easy to use, online check printing software used by over 80,000 businesses throughout the world today. Checkeeper customers are saving an average of 14 hours a month and $6.00 on every check mailed (the costs of mailing your own checks really add up)

If you're still writing checks by hand, running to Word and Excel each time you need to print a check, or suffering under the bloated check requirements of your accounting software makes being an efficient business owner a lot harder than it needs to be. You could be saving a lot of time if you used Checkeeper.

How does it work?

Checkeeper is simple. Super simple. Going from signup to printing your first check takes about 45 seconds. Checkeeper is flexible, too. Printing on your own check stock? The template editor makes it easy to drag and drop to position where you want everything to print. Don't have check stock? No worries. Use one of our beautiful check designs to print on blank paper.

Using the optional check fulfillment service lets Checkeeper print and mail the checks for you, effectively making check writing a single click process. Talk about fast, easy and painless.

Many business owners elect to take things further by quickly integrating their accounting platform to easily make payments on AP invoices.

If you get stuck or need help at any point, our quick-to-respond support is just an email, chat or phone call away. We're pretty passionate about this slick little system and want to make sure you are too.

Ready to get started?

Why get away from cumbersome and ineffective tools for check printing? Because it saves you so much precious time and money. On average, Checkeeper customers are saving over 14 hours each month. Think about how many better things you could be doing with almost a half week's worth of business time back in your pocket.