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Secure 32 Replacement Solution

Checkeeper offers the most up=to-date check printing software solution for those abandoned by Secure 32.

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No disruption to accounts payable

Secure32 users who are transitioning to a new system do not have to have their on-demand check printing capabilities interrupted. A Checkeeper account can be opened in minutes and guarantees users unlimited check writing from unlimited linked accounts, multiple user authorization, same day tracked mailing, and fully-customizable check options for businesses of all sizes.

More About Checkeeper

Next-Day Delivery

Have your checks signed, sealed and delivered directly to your office for distribution to employees!

Limitless Check Printing

Print unlimited checks on virtually any existing check stock or even totally blank paper.

Amazing Support

Maybe we're bragging, but just ask any of our thousands of customers. You're never alone with Checkeeper.

Trusted Solution

Over $14.5B in funds moved through Checkeeper in 2022. Customers love creating checks and love having us mail them.

Checkeeper prints MICR checks on demand

Print your checks from your own printer, or have them printed for you at the Checkeeper fulfillment site and then have them mailed out or mailed back to you. Any check printed at the Checkeeper site is printed in the MICR ink that bank computers recognize for optimal security.

Use the check stock you were already using

Switching payment systems can be costly and leave you with a lot of wasted supplies that are incompatible with your new product. There is no need to change supplies when you switch to Checkeeper. Checkeeper can print on-demand checks on literally any check stock. Don’t have special check stock? Checkeeper can print legally viable checks on any paper you use. No supplies wasted during your transition to your new check-writing system and no costly investment in new supplies to maintain the same high level of service.

Checkeeper integrates with accounting software

When switching to any new system, minimizing the disruption is a top priority: especially when paychecks or other time-sensitive payments are involved. Checkeeper makes the transition smooth because it is compatible with the cloud accounting system you are likely already using. Checkeeper works with QuickBooks Online, FreshBooks, Harvest, Xero, Gusto, and other popular payroll and accounting software to create a seamless transition so that there is no disruption to processing payroll or importing into your account those business expenses you pay by check.

Fully customizable template

Checkeeper offers a fully customizable template for you to create and design checks exactly as you want. Choose from patterns offered, or upload images of your own. Add your professional business logo and signature if you choose, and change your design as often as you need.

Have checks mailed for you at your convenience

Printing checks from your home or office is much more convenient and time-efficient than hand writing them the old-fashioned way. But even more convenient and time-efficient is having someone else print them for you. For little more than the price of a stamp and envelope, Checkeeper will print, stuff, seal and mail your checks anywhere they need to go. Multiple priority mailing options allow you to choose the speed of delivery and whether or not you need a tracking number for large or time-sensitive payments. Want the printed checks back in your own hands first? Not a problem. Checkeeper offers affordable batch printing and check mailing so that a high volume of checks can be printed at the fulfillment site and mailed back to you in one package for later distribution.

Attach documents and invoice tables

Checkeeper is the perfect alternative for Secure32 users looking to find a service that allows documentation to be sent with their checks. Attach statements, pay stubs, or invoice tables as needed.

Free trial prevents disruption to your payments

Ending your time with Secure32 but not sure where to go next? Checkeeper offers a risk-free trial that lets you sample the many features of unlimited check-printing and mailing while you seek out a Secure32 alternative. There is no risk to try, but you can still unlock the many benefits and keep your bills up-to-date in the meantime.

What you get with Checkeeper

Each account comes with powerful features to streamline your check printing process, not just for payroll either.

  • Professional check printing
  • Fully customizable check templates
  • MICR font encoding
  • Check mailing services
  • Registry reports and powerful search tools
  • Bank-level security with 256-bit encryption
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