5 Reasons to Have Checkeeper Print Your Checks for You

Oct 3, 2022
5 Reasons to Have Checkeeper Print Your Checks for You

Printing checks through online check printing services is a cost-efficient way to save time and streamline the business’s accounts payable. While you can print checks on demand from the privacy and convenience of your office for time and cost savings, you can also opt to have them printed for you off-site and mailed on your behalf for little more than the cost of a stamp and envelope. Having your checks printed and mailed for you means no supplies are needed on your part—which is especially helpful for those times you need to issue a check payment or refund and are not near a printer.

Checkeeper offers full-service check printing and mailing for businesses of all sizes. Having the option to have your checks printed for you comes in handy in a number of situations. If you’re already using Checkeeper for your check printing needs, consider some added benefits of having the checks printed for you off-site and mailed directly from the Checkeeper facility:

1. Checks are printed with MICR ink

Magnetic ink character recognition enables bank computers to recognize and process the account and routing numbers printed at the bottom of a paper check. The checks you print from your Checkeeper account are automatically formatted to include MICR encoded font at the bottom of the check, but unless you use magnetic ink or toner, you won’t get the extra layer of security you get from using actual magnetic ink. All checks printed at the Checkeeper fulfillment center are printed in the high-security MICR ink that banks recognize.

2. Checkeeper stocks all the mailing supplies so you don’t have to

Printing your checks in-house is convenient, but it is only the half the process of issuing payment; the other half is the mailing. If you are out of check stock, not near a printer, or don’t have envelopes and stamps handy, Checkeeper’s mailing option does all the supplying for you. Checks can be printed and mailed the same day to the address you indicate, with no supplies needed on your end; you don’t even need a pen.

3. Tracking number is available

Millions of checks travel safely through the mail with no problem. But for payments that are large or time-sensitive, you may want the added assurance that comes with having your mailed check tracked. This requires a bank trip for you every time you want a tracking number. Checkeeper can save you the trouble; every check printed from the Checkeeper facility can be given a tracking number if you select priority, two-day, or next-day mailing. No more standing in line at the post office if you’d rather spend your time elsewhere.

4. Security when multiple users access an account

Having an employee or bookkeeping assistant authorized to issue check payments for your business means that you don’t have to divert your own time to the task. But for security purposes, you don’t want your blank business checks in too many hands or offices, and if any of your bookkeepers are remote, they may not always have access to the specific business check stock you prefer to use. Checkeeper allows you to authorize multiple users to issue checks from the account, and by having those checks printed at the Checkeeper facility, you do not have to supply employees or remote bookkeeping assistants with a lot of blank business checks that you may not be able to keep track of.

5. Saves additional time and hassle

Printing checks on demand and only as needed is the most time- and cost-efficient way to create checks, and while automated check printing requires very few supplies, it does require some. For those times when time is very short, printing and mailing supplies have run out, or you have to attach additional documentation to your check, having your on-demand checks printed for you can save you all the additional trouble. No more losing or wasting check stock that gets stuck in your printer or having to take your checks to the post office because you’ve run out of stamps: Checkeeper’s full-service printing and mailing options eliminates all the hassle and can add invoice tables, paystubs, and documents to the checks when needed.