Online Check Printing for Law Firms

Jan 16, 2024
Online Check Printing for Law Firms

Law firms and legal assistance companies have long known the time and cost benefits of using automating tools for managing payments. Online check printing can be a useful tool for law firms and companies that provide services to lawyers and law firms; online check printing and mailing through Checkeeper helps streamline the financial management and keep the payment process accountable and accurate for law firms and companies of all size.

Checkeeper provides prompt, quality service when you need:

High-volume check orders for class-action payments

Companies that need to issue hundreds or thousands of checks in a short time benefit from Checkeeper’s high-volume check printing and mailing service that can handle the entire order with a quick turnaround. Checkeeper has the equipment and supplies to print high volumes of checks much faster and more efficiently than most offices, and Checkeeper can have all the checks in the mail promptly with no mailing supplies or trips to the post office needed from clients. Simple uploading of a CSV file or spreadsheet with payee data will enable Checkeeper to start printing your high-volume check order right away. Attach invoices, statements, or other important documentation. Have special requirements or considerations for a one-time, high-volume check order? A call or email to Checkeeper will get you a custom quote to suit your needs.

Funds issued from multiple checking accounts

Many companies hold funds in multiple accounts. Checkeeper clients can get rid of all the various checkbooks and ledgers because Checkeeper will print unlimited checks from any checking account you choose, as many as you link. One Checkeeper account allows users to issue money from multiple bank accounts—no additional fees, add-ons, or logins needed. Link as many checking accounts as necessary to your Checkeeper dashboard, and change the bank info, account number, and routing number as often as necessary in the Checkeeper template to issue check payments. Checkeeper does not withdraw the money or move it around; it simply offers a template for creating customized checks on demand. The banking and contact info are whatever you input, and you can change or update as often as needed.

Accountability and transparency

Offices whose bookkeeping relies on more than one individual to manage money know how important accountability is to the payment process. Multiple hands in the books can lead to errors, duplicate payments, omitted entries, over- or under-payments, and even fraudulent activity. Checkeeper offers a cloud-based service that can only be accessed by approved team members, and that access can be granted, changed, or limited at any time, as decided by the main account holder. The details from each issued check are automatically stored in a secure, online registry that can be searched according to any check field: payee, check number, date, amount, and even the memo. Check transactions can be traced to the initiating user for added security and accountability. More information on user permissions and approval workflow can be found here.

Time savings with automatic check mailing

Checkeeper enables you to print customized business checks, with company logo, from the privacy and convenience of your own office. When you are busy, short on supplies for a large order, or want that added level of professionalism, Checkeeper can print and mail all your check payments for you, typically within the day. Checkeeper offers four priority mailing options, with or without tracking, and mails each check in a secure, double-window business envelope. Checks ordered before 4pm EST can be in the mail within the same business day.

·       Print checks on any style of check stock

·       Upload images, designs, and logos

·       Link an unlimited number of checking accounts

·       Sync data with other financial software

·       Convert invoices directly into checks

·       Print paychecks for office employees

·       Include attachments, enclosures, pay stubs, invoice tables, and other documentation for settlement payments

·       Enable user permissions for smoother workflow

·       Record transactions automatically

·       Export entire check history on demand for better expense tracking

·       Access your account from anywhere

·       Try for free