Online Check Printing for Better Financial Accountability

Mar 28, 2024

Automating tools for business processes and financial management do more than save time and money; they can also improve accountability among employees when they allow tracing and recording of transactions, as well as real-time updating and sharing of data. Online check printing and mailing offers a more secure and accountable way to issue payments for those occasions when a paper check is needed or preferred. Online check printing through Checkeeper is a secure option for businesses whose transactions require an added level of accountability or transparency.

Need enhanced accountability for check-issuing and mailing services? Checkeeper enables users to:

·       Grant remote access to a bookkeeping or accounting professional

·       Limit user permissions and identify users who initiate payments

·       Follow a workflow approval process for creating, authorizing, and issuing payments

·       Choose delivery speeds and tracking options for mailed checks

·       Have a complete check history automatically recorded in a secure, online registry for later tracking, searching, or exporting

·       Comply with HIPAA guidelines and be assured that account security and data encryption protocols are followed

·       Manage their own money: Checkeeper does not touch your funds or move your money into separate accounts.

Checkeeper's security and accountability features are especially useful to professionals whose work requires transactions to be traced or documented.

Professionals and organizations that require high levels of accountability in financial management:

Law firms

Professionals that provide legal services to clients and other companies require confidentiality and accountability in their interactions. Checkeeper serves law firms and legal services that need customized, professional checks printed and mailed quickly, accurately, and with necessary documentation and paperwork enclosed. Firms that must mail out a large number of checks for class-action suits or other settlement payments benefit from Checkeeper’s high-volume check printing and mailing service that allows users to upload a CSV file or spreadsheet with payee information directly into the Checkeeper application and then have all checks printed and mailed on their behalf. A call or email can get busy law firms a custom quote for a high-volume check order.


Dealing with other people’s money necessitates a professional commitment to accountability at all times. Checkeeper makes multiple-client management simpler, faster, and more accurate for busy bookkeepers by providing universal access to check-printing templates that can work with unlimited clients, bank accounts, and types of check stock. No need to store all your different clients’ checkbooks, registries, ledgers, and blank checks in your office: Print different checks on different paper, for different clients, all from within the same Checkeeper account and all with automatic recording for later reconciliation and exporting.

Nonprofit organizations

Nonprofits that manage money for selected purposes from different funding sources have to stay transparent about which monies are used for which permitted purposes. Checkeeper allows users to link as many checking accounts as needed to the same online check printing account so that payments can be made from various funding sources. There are no separate account fees or subscription add-ons to print checks from more than one checking account. Simply change the account and routing numbers at the bottom of the check in the template (as well as any other bank or contact info that applies) and print checks from a specifically-designated account.

Health care and medical facilities

Security and accountability are vital for financial transactions in medical offices. Checkeeper is HIPAA-compliant and follows security and data encryption protocols to keep personal health information protected and confidential. Online check printing and mailing through Checkeeper also enables attachments and enclosures to accompany checks so that benefit explanations, invoice tables, and other documentation can be included with check payments.

Real estate businesses

Many companies buying, selling, and leasing property hold money in different accounts. When you need to trace a check payment to a specific bank account—or to the user who authorized it—online check printing through Checkeeper makes it easy so that everyone stays accountable. Authorize access to multiple users and trace specific transactions to the user who authorized it. Also, keep accountable records by searching payments according to any check field and by exporting an entire check history when needed for account reconciling, expense tracking, payment disputes, or tax preparation.

Businesses that are recovering from fraud

Fraudulent activity costs businesses billions of dollars every year, and it does not only happen to large companies. Lack of oversight and lack of standardization for routine business processes make business more susceptible to fraud. Automating tools help standardize financial management processes so that fewer hands are moving the money. When multiple people must be involved in financial transactions, it is a good idea to implement tight security practices, as well as a workflow process that requires secondary authorizations and approvals for large, time-sensitive, or atypical financial transactions. Checkeeper’s online check printing platform makes check fraud less likely because needed checks are created on demand, requiring no blank, ready-to-use checks to be left around the office. The online template is accessible only to the users you authorize, and those permissions can be as broad or as limited as you prefer and changed or revoked at your discretion.