Extra Benefits of Checkeeper Mailing Services

Dec 29, 2023

Checkeeper has been providing check printing services to businesses for over a decade and is trusted by thousands of business owners and individuals who need checks quickly, securely, and affordably. Bookkeepers and business owners have discovered the additional conveniences of using Checkeeper for all their check mailing needs.

MICR ink for added security

Checks created through Checkeeper are automatically formatted to contain the MICR-encoded font for displaying account and routing numbers, regardless of whether or not your printer uses MICR ink. All the checks printed at the Checkeeper fulfillment center are printed in the MICR ink that bank computers recognize. While this is may not always be required, it adds an extra layer of security and can often increase efficiency when it reduces the check processing time.

Unlimited number of checks printed for you

Printing checks from your office or home printer offers a huge time savings; but what if you need thousands of checks at once? When you need a large quantity of checks for customer refunds or rebates, Checkeeper can step in and take all the work off your hands. Checkeeper can handle high-volume orders in minimal time—often within the same day—and get each of your checks in the mail at the priority speed of your choice. Need a custom solution for an unusually large or atypical order? A call or email to Checkeeper can get your entire printing and mailing order on its way to fulfilment.

Checks on-the-go

Checkeeper’s printing and mailing options serve businesses of all sizes; outsourcing the check printing and mailing to Checkeeper is perfect for people who want to:

·       Downsize

Ditch the extra printers, computers, office equipment, supplies, and storage cabinets to accommodate a smaller space. Checkeeper software is not device-specific and can be accessed by any mobile device you use. If you opt for Checkeeper mailing services, you don’t even need stamps, envelopes, or pens, either, to have your checks out in the mail that same day. Use Checkeeper’s equipment for the most streamlined, hassle-free check printing and mailing process available. All updates, security, and site maintenance are handled for you so that none of your time or resources have to be diverted to IT for financial management.

·       Travel

When you’re traveling, the last thing you want to worry about is how to get your check payments issued on time. Access your Checkeeper account from anywhere you happen to be, and order your checks to be printed and mailed for you. Choose the priority mailing speed appropriate to your needs, and then rest confidently that most checks ordered before 4pm EST will be in the mail that same business day.

·       Ditch the office

Online check printing is ideal for any office: those that need only a few checks mailed each month, or those that need hundreds. But what if you are looking to ditch the office altogether and go remote? Payments still need to be mailed on time, regardless of where, when, or how you choose to work. Checkeeper continues to be the go-to solution for virtual and remote workers, particularly freelancers, virtual bookkeepers, and contractors who don’t work regularly from a single office location.

Checks for payroll

Checkeeper can print all your payroll checks—with pay stubs—and have them back in your hands the next day to distribute to your staff. For added convenience and improved accuracy, Checkeeper also integrates with many popular accounting and payroll software programs that don’t offer their own paper check printing options so that your financial data is automatically synced and updated in real time. Selecting UPS Next Day as your mailing option enables Checkeeper to print all your needed payroll checks and have them back at your office or out to each individual employee the next day.

Checkeeper offers a modern and highly efficient alternative

Traditional check-writing can be a frustrating process that often leaves users either without enough checks, or with books of outdated, unusable ones—both of which will hold up the payment process and decrease bookkeeping efficiency. Checkeeper offers a mobile, cloud-based alternative to traditional check writing that combines the modernization of online payment options with the practicality and security of traditional paper checks. Thousands of bookkeepers and business owners have discovered the added conveniences of using Checkeeper for all their check mailing needs.