Use Checkeeper to Mail Your Rebate Checks

Jun 14, 2023

When you have rebate checks to send to customers, Checkeeper can do all the work for you in a fraction of the time and for a fraction of the cost. Whether it’s hundreds, thousands, or just a few, Checkeeper offers all-inclusive printing and mailing of rebate checks within a single business day.

6 Reasons to use Checkeeper for rebate checks:

1.    Checkeeper's printing and mailing service is the fastest way to get your rebate checks in the mail.

An order of hundreds or thousands of rebate checks will take your team a lot of time to create, print, mail, and record. Your time, and theirs, is better spent doing just about anything else. Checkeeper can get your rebate checks out in the mail faster than your office can. Printing and mailing checks is what Checkeeper does all day, and the system is designed to be efficient, expedient, and to take all the work off your desk. Most check orders can be in the mail the same business day they are ordered, but if your rebate check order is large and requires more handling, Checkeeper can work with you for a custom solution that guarantees checks printed and mailed as expediently as possible.

2.    Using Checkeeper for your rebate checks requires no supplies from you.

Rebate checks for thousands of customers will require no small amount of check stock, printer toner, envelopes, stamps, and cumbersome trips to the post office for assured delivery. Ordering your rebate checks to be printed and mailed through Checkeeper requires none of those. For little more than the price of an envelope and stamp, Checkeeper will print and mail each and every rebate check to its designated payee without a single supply needed from you. An uploaded CSV file or spreadsheet with the necessary transaction information is all that is needed to get your high-volume rebate checks created and sent.

3.    Checkeeper’s system reduces error.

Creating checks one-by-one in your office and mailing each one properly is a process highly prone to error: data entry mistakes, payment miscalculations, and simple human handling errors can hold up the whole process and frustrate customers waiting for their money. Checkeeper enables quick uploading of files with your customer contact data to create accurate checks on demand. Fields inside the checks are automatically populated with the data from the file, and the address listed on each check is automatically coordinated to correspond to its envelope mailing address.

4.    Checkeeper can send attachments with your checks.

If you think stuffing a thousand envelopes with rebate checks is time-consuming, imagine including attachments, receipts, promotions, and other documents, as well. Checkeeper offers online, cloud-based check printing software that can handle uploaded attachments with your order. Simple instructions show you how to add enclosures so that your rebate checks are sent with all the information customers need.

5.    Checkeeper can get a large volume of checks back to you before disbursement.

The fastest way to get your rebate checks out to your customers is to have Checkeeper do all the work and send each check directly to its recipient. But for those times you need a high volume of checks back in your own hands first, Checkeeper offers fast, affordable batch mailing options that can print thousands of checks for you and mail them directly to your office in one bundle—overnight and with tracking. This is a go-to option if you have a high-volume check order that needs additional handling by your team or has recipients onsite to whom you can disburse the checks directly.

6.    Checkeeper never touches your money.

Be wary of services that need access to your checking account or require you to open a special fund in order to send checks. Checkeeper does neither. Checkeeper’s online, cloud-based software gives you access to unlimited check printing options—including unlimited linked bank accounts and unlimited number of checks printed each month—without touching a dime of your money. Your account and routing numbers are automatically formatted in the MICR-encoded font required by banks, but your funds are not disturbed.

Checkeeper is a trusted go-to for thousands of business owners who want a streamlined and cost-effective alternative to manual check writing. Checkeeper has years of experience handling rebate checks for even the largest of companies. No order too large; no order too small. Still have questions or special considerations? A call or email to Checkeeper will get you a custom quote for your order so you can have your rebate checks out immediately.