Online Check Printing for Different Types of Businesses

Mar 7, 2024
Online Check Printing for Different Types of Businesses

Online check printing for has been serving business owners and bookkeepers for years, offering custom checks that can be printed and mailed on demand. If you think online check printing and mailing is only for large companies, or for those types of offices with a high volume of check payments, consider some other business types that benefit from the convenience and affordability of having custom checks printable on demand.

Seasonal businesses

Having the capability to print business checks on demand is especially useful for proprietors of seasonal businesses because their supply and equipment needs fluctuate greatly throughout the year. Those who manage seasonal work may not have the space or budget for storing a lot of printing and mailing supplies, and with revenue and customer demand changing dramatically throughout the year, renting a large space and storing a lot of office supplies is simply not practical. Online check printing and mailing is the simplest and most cost-effective way to issue business check payments with the least amount of effort or equipment needed from the user. Checkeeper offers unlimited monthly check printing, so it does not matter if some months you have only a few checks and other months, you have hundreds. The fixed monthly price covers all the checks you need from as many checking accounts as you link. If you have your checks printed and mailed for you, you don’t even need a printer or check stock: Checkeeper will print every needed check and assemble for mailing on your behalf. You don’t need a single envelope, stamp, or pen, which is ideal for seasonal business owners who do a lot of work on the go, from small spaces at beaches and parks, from client locations, or from vehicles.

Mobile businesses

When your work takes you on the road, you have to be judicious about your back-office needs. Professionals who offer services to people in their homes or remote business locations spend a great deal of time traveling, and may not have immediate access to the supplies needed to keep bill payments up-to-date. Instead of neglecting the bookkeeping and letting it fall into disarray, stay organized with online check printing and mailing for issuing important payments. Checkeeper offers integrations with widely-used accounting and payroll applications so that you can:

Have checks printed and mailed for you within the business day, with no supplies or equipment needed on your end

Convert unpaid invoices directly into check payments

Add check-printing features to your payroll application to get paychecks printed for employees

Have all your check data automatically recorded for you in your check registry so that you can balance your books and track expenses in less time

Professional service businesses that operate multiple bank accounts

Companies and nonprofit organizations that manage multiple accounts benefit greatly from Checkeeper’s versatility. Checkeeper does not touch your funds at all, nor does it move your money into a separate account or try to manage it for you. Checkeeper offers a template for unlimited check printing from unlimited linked accounts, and the checks can be customized, designed, and redesigned according to the changing needs of a company. Law firms, real estate businesses, and nonprofits that disburse monies from various funding sources have to be especially diligent and accountable regarding all transactions. Checkeeper users can create checks from different bank accounts at once, and can update contact information, bank account, and routing numbers as often as needed, all from one Checkeeper account. Your online check registry can be searched by any date range or check field for accurate and accountable tracking. Checkeeper can also handle high-volume check orders for customer rebates, refunds, reimbursements, or class-action settlement payments for busy offices that do not have the time or manpower to handle high-volume check mailing.

Family businesses and partnerships

Working with family members and close friends has its benefits, but it can also have drawbacks—particularly when multiple people are invested in the financial management. Having a second (or third) pair of eyes to monitor financial transactions can greatly improve accuracy and reduce errors, but it also can take more time and create holdups in the workflow that compromise efficiency, especially when everyone does things a little differently. Online check printing and mailing can help streamline and standardize the processes for paying bills and issuing paychecks. Checkeeper accounts are designed to allow multiple authorized users who can access the account from anywhere, and whose transactions are traceable to the initiating user. User permissions can be changed, expanded, limited, or revoked at any time, and the online check registry is available on demand from anywhere to all authorized users for a more accountable and transparent bookkeeping system.

Checkeeper goes where you do

Businesses of all size and type can benefit from ditching the traditional check book and check registry in favor of more modernized and streamlined check issuing that enables custom business checks to be designed, printed, mailed, and recorded right from your laptop, mobile phone, or computer — wherever and whenever you choose to work.