Online Check Printing for Better Workflow Management

Dec 11, 2023
Online Check Printing for Better Workflow Management

One way to save your business time, money, and manpower is to organize the workflow processes for maximum efficiency. A wide array of tools are available to businesses of all sizes to help automate and streamline the workflow and keep everyone more organized and more productive. Online check printing and mailing through Checkeeper is another helpful tool that enables business owners and managers to control, delegate, and organize the work.

User permissions for greater accountability

Delegate the bookkeeping while still maintaining control and oversight through Checkeeper User Permissions. Authorize members of your team to initiate payments and/or limit the authorizations to use of specific features as needed. Payments issued through the Checkeeper platform can be traced to the user who initiated them and business owners can revoke, expand, or change the authorization controls at any time.

Approval workflow for better control

Checkeeper accounts can be set to halt check printing by certain users until approval by the business owner, manager, or bookkeeper has been granted. If you have certain checks that require approval, use Checkeeper’s approval feature to place a second pair of eyes on the payment process, ensuring greater accountability and security while reducing possibilities for errors or fraud.

Direct conversion of bills to checks

Take a few steps out of the bill-paying process by taking advantage of Checkeeper add-ons. Convert the invoices in your Xero or Odoo account directly into check payments. Multiple invoices to the same vendor will be consolidated into a single check payment for faster processing and less paperwork. Invoice tables are automatically attached for cleaner bookkeeping and more accurate recording.

Universal access for remote bookkeepers

Working with a virtual bookkeeper has been a lifesaver for many small businesses who need assistance with the finances but cannot afford a full-time, in-house hire. Bookkeepers are already familiar with the benefits of online check printing and mailing, and many use Checkeeper to keep track of the payables for hundreds of clients at once. Authorize your virtual bookkeeper to pay bills and issue paychecks on your behalf from anywhere she or he is working: no dependence on physical checkbooks and ledgers.

Easy file uploading for high-volume check orders

Printing checks from your office is a convenience only Checkeeper can offer. But for those times when you need hundreds or thousands of checks at once, doing it all yourself does not feel very convenient. Checkeeper prints and mails checks all day, every day, and can take the work off your desk. Upload your CSV file or spreadsheet with the pertinent customer contact data, and have Checkeeper print and mail all your customer refunds, rebates, or reimbursements for a simple, hassle-free experience.

Priority mailing options for faster delivery

Whether you have a few checks or a lot, Checkeeper can have them printed and in the mail for you, typically within the business day. Check orders placed before 4pm EST will be in the mail that day, according to the priority mailing speed of your choice. Checkeeper offers four priority mailing options—three of which include tracking—to make sure your payments are delivered promptly. Whether they are urgent, time-sensitive payments, paychecks on a tight schedule, or just routine bill payments, Checkeeper can handle all the check printing and mailing for the entire office.

Checkeeper offers a superior product for a smoother process

When it comes to online check printing and mailing for your business, Checkeeper offers a superior product that provides customizable, professional business checks and a smoother bookkeeping and bill-paying process. Checkeeper has been improving financial management for thousands of businesses through check-printing options that stand apart from the rest. Checkeeper offers:

·       Professional business checks printable on demand

·       An easy-to-navigate website with customizable check templates

·       Automatic integration with QuickBooks Online, Gusto, Xero, and other accounting software products for businesses

·       An online check registry that automatically records all check details and can be searched, printed, or downloaded on demand

·       High-volume custom check orders for rebates, refunds, or client reimbursements

·       A complete mailing service with priority mailing speeds and tracking options

·       Account security measures, including data encryption and HIPAA and GDPR compliance

·       Prompt, attentive customer service

·       A 14-day risk-free trial