More Efficient Mailing Methods for Specific Types of Payments

May 15, 2024

While you may have been mailing your own check payments for years, Checkeeper offers direct mailing services for your checks, which can lead to immense time and cost savings for busy business owners and bookkeepers. Get more of your time back by outsourcing the check printing and mailing to Checkeeper. Small business owners get the most from their Checkeeper accounts when they opt for automated check mailing and let Checkeeper do the work.

Certain types of check payments are sent more efficiently using Checkeeper mailing services. Checkeeer check mailing is ideal for these types of payments:

High volume

Of course, your customers are typically the ones issuing payments to you. However, there may be times when you need to issue a large number of refunds, or times when a successful promotion requires a lot of customer rebate checks to go out quickly. Law firms, nonprofits, utility and supply companies, small businesses, and entertainment venues often have occasions they need to issue a large number of payments quickly and accurately. Checkeeper was designed with these events in mind, and the print-and-mail service can have all the work done for you. After uploading your spreadsheet or CSV file with payment info, every rebate/refund check can be created automatically and mailed to the addresses listed. A call or email can get you a custom quote and a time frame for delivery. No supplies—or long hours—required from you or your staff.

Priority mailings

Have a payment that needs to go out right away? Have an important check whose chain of custody you want to track? Checkeeper offers four priority delivery options so that you can control the speed at which your mailed check travels. Checkeeper offers UPS Next Day Air, UPS 2ndDay Air, USPS Priority with tracking options, as well as standard USPS First Class mail for payments that are not in a hurry. Don’t waste money on late fees for your last-minute payments; have Checkeeper print your needed payment checks, which can be in the mail before the end of the business day.

Payroll checks

All your payments are important, but fewer payments are more important than your employees’ paychecks. Employees are entitled to accurate, on-time paychecks, and Checkeeper can make running payroll an easier, more streamlined affair. Checkeeper can work with the payroll software you use, such as Gusto or Square, or it can work as a stand-alone service to print your needed paychecks—with pay stubs—whenever you need them. If you have a large onsite staff that you want to print checks for, save yourself the time by having Checkeeper print the whole batch for you and send the entire bundle back to your office overnight for you to distribute to your employees.

Routine payments

Stop paying late fees for last-minute payments and transaction fees for online payments. Checkeeper offers complete check printing and mailing with no hidden fees. Issue as many payment checks each month as needed, with no additional cost or pricey upcharges. Checkeeper can convert your unpaid invoices directly into check payments to your vendors and suppliers. Multiple invoices to the same vendor will be consolidated into one check with a bundled total and an included invoice table that breaks down the amount. Save yourself and the bookkeepers time and energy by using Checkeeper for your routine, everyday bill payments.

Payments with attachments and enclosures

More often than not, business checks travel with other documents, such as pay stubs, invoices, or other pertinent material that connects the check payment to its purpose. Checks that are received with no attached explanation or documentation can cause confusion, bookkeeping errors, and payments to be misapplied or uncredited altogether. The Checkeeper platform can work with any check layout you use, and checks can be printed and sent with the needed documentation, such as invoice tables, pay stubs, promotional and marketing materials, and benefits explanations.

Checkeeper offers multiple mailing options to suit any need

Checkeeper users have a lot control over their checks: how they are designed, what information, images, and logos they contain, and when and where they are printed; Checkeeper users can also control the speed at which their checks are delivered. Checkeeper offers four priority mailing options—three with tracking—so that users can be assured their payments are sent out on time. Checkeeper can also print a batch of checks for you and mail them back to your office, if you prefer to add to them to other mailings or to disburse them yourself.