Improving Rebate Redemption

Jan 24, 2024
Improving Rebate Redemption

Rebate campaigns are still a popular way to promote products and generate sales, but they can also be immensely frustrating to consumers when the rebate redemption process is poorly designed and implemented. Some widespread complaints customers have with rebate programs include allegations that:

·       The rebate forms are too confusing or complicated

·       The process requires too much documentation

·       The program is outsourced to a clearinghouse that rarely pays

·       The customer service follow-up on unpaid rebate claims is poor (or non-existent)

·       Rebates are paid on debit cards that come with an expiration date and/or maintenance fees

Creating a rebate form that is simple, short, and straightforward is important for prompting customer response. It should be easy to find, as well, and if it is an online form, easy to fill out and submit. While some original proof of purchase is necessary to prevent fraud, requiring lots of paperwork, receipts, and codes from customers greatly disincentives participation. And while paying out as little as possible may seem appealing, low participation rates among customers signal a failed rebate campaign—and one that likely frustrated and annoyed a lot of otherwise-eligible customers in the process, thus alienating them and creating a highly unfavorable opinion of your company.

Making the rebate process simple and prompt—with rebates validated and paid quickly—gets the best response from customers and makes them more likely to return for another promotion and spread a positive word through social media.

Prompt rebate payments

Checks are still a reliable and popularly-used way to make rebate payments to customers. Checks can only be cashed or deposited by the designated recipient, they travel more safely in the mail than other forms of currency, and they can be canceled if they are lost or stolen.

Checkeeper can work with you to get all your customer rebate checks out quickly. Online check printing through Checkeeper offers a high-volume check printing and mailing service that promises:

No hidden fees

One Checkeeper account is all it takes to print as many customized checks as you need. When you need hundreds or thousands of checks for a successful rebate program, the most cost- and time-efficient route is outsourcing the whole job to Checkeeper. A call or email to Checkeeper can get you a custom solution to suit the specific volume, time frame, and budget so that you can keep your customers satisfied.

Simple uploading

The most efficient way to get your high-volume check order processed is to upload your CSV file or spreadsheet with the pertinent contact and payment information. Checkeeper can populate all the check fields with the relevant data—payee name, amount, address, etc.—and print all the checks from its fulfillment site to be placed in the mail at the mailing speed and method of your choosing.

Customization and branding

Your customers appreciate prompt rebate payments; make the most of the marketing opportunity by customizing the rebate checks with logos and company images that reinforce brand awareness and recognition. Checkeeper enables fast uploading of your color logo (and other preferred images and backgrounds) so that your checks can work compatibly with your marketing strategy and your other communication materials.

Priority mailing and tracking options

Checkeeper offers four priority mailing options so that users can control the delivery, timing, and tracking of their check payments. If you have additional documents or promotional material, they can be included in the check mailing, as well.

Checkeeper can handle unlimited rebate checks

Checkeeper offers a hands-off, hassle-free solution to mailing out hundreds or thousands of customer rebate checks promptly and accurately. Checks printed through Checkeeper offer a higher level of professionalism than standard bank checks, and the customizable template offers more effective marketing communication than you would get with standard checks or debit cards. Satisfy your customers—and remind them of your company’s commitment to them—by paying out promised rebates in as simple and timely a fashion as possible.