Custom Checks for Time-sensitive Payments

Mar 1, 2024
Custom Checks for Time-sensitive Payments

While there are myriad payment and e-payment options available today, paper checks remain one of the most trusted and widespread tools for transacting money between businesses. Online check printing modernizes and streamlines the check-writing process by enabling users to create custom business checks on demand when important, large, or time-sensitive payments are due. Online check printing through Checkeeper offers unique advantages over other forms of payments:

·       No hidden fees or surcharges

·       Direct conversion of unpaid invoices into check payments

·       Customization of checks to include color logos, designs, and enclosed promotional material, if desired

·       Same-day priority mailing options

·       Automatic recording in a searchable, online registry for expedient expense tracking and account reconciling

·       Universal, 24/7 cloud access for all authorized users

·       Automatic integration with accounting and payroll applications for simplified, accurate bookkeeping

The most important business payments are issued via check

Payments for supplies

When ordering necessary inventory and materials, checks are a reliable and secure way to issue payment to suppliers. Custom checks with color logos reinforce your brand to your suppliers and checks printed and mailed within the day prevent the incurring of late fees.

Office lease, utility, and insurance payments

When dealing with a variety of bills—some with fixed monthly costs, and some with variable monthly or quarterly balances—online check printing offers versatility. Each check is printed on demand so you always have exactly however many checks you need that month and never have to leave blank, ready-to-use checks stored or lying around the office.

Employee paychecks

Employees expect prompt, accurate paychecks every time, and not all employees use direct deposit. For those employees who prefer paper check, Checkeeper can work as a stand-alone service or as an add-on to other payroll applications that don’t offer unlimited check-printing features. Checks can be created within Checkeeper to include pay stubs and any other necessary documentation.

Payments to freelancers

Freelancers and contract workers offer small businesses an affordable way to add extra expertise to a task or project. When your freelance workers are remote, Checkeeper's custom check mailing service is the simplest and most reliable way to get payments out promptly. Checkeeper users can have needed compensation checks printed for them and mailed (within the business day) to any location that remote and off-site workers live or work. Checks ordered before 4pm EST can be in the mail that day according to the priority delivery speed of choice, with all transactional details automatically recorded and stored in the online registry.

Rebate payments for customers and clients

Your customers typically pay you, but for those times when high-volume refunds or rebates are due to them, online check printing is the most convenient and affordable way to get checks into hundreds of hands efficiently. Checkeeper can handle high-volume check orders that can be printed and mailed to the various addresses designated: upload a spreadsheet or CSV file with the needed information, and Checkeeper does the rest. All information is automatically stored in the online registry for simplified bookkeeping, payment tracking, and tax preparation.

Checkeeper helps bookkeepers stay on top of important payments

Many small business owners handle the bookkeeping themselves, but when outside expertise is needed, a professional bookkeeper can be a great asset and can free up a lot of hours otherwise spent on financial management. Checkeeper was created with bookkeepers and accountants in mind, and its features are well known among industry professionals. Checkeeper is cloud-based and can therefore give your bookkeeper universal, 24/7 account access, regardless of where or how far he or she works. Online check printing works with any check stock and integrates automatically with many of the popular accounting applications preferred by business owners. Have your bookkeeper order the important payment checks to be printed and mailed for you, and you never need to supply her or him a single check supply.