Benefits of Same-day Check Mailing for Small Businesses

Nov 10, 2023

Thousands of small business owners and entrepreneurs have chosen Checkeeper to handle all of their check printing and mailing. One big benefit Checkeeper offers over other services—and over doing it yourself—is that check orders placed before 4pm will be in the mail that same day. No trips to the post office or UPS centers needed from you; Checkeeper does the printing, stuffing, and mailing—all within the same business day.

Checkeeper offers four priority mailing options for clients who value speed, flexibility, and accountability. Checks ordered before 4 pm will be printed for you and placed in the US Mail or UPS delivery service according to the priority option selected. Checkeeper offers priority mailing options so that clients know their checks are mailed promptly and not left to sit on a desk or in an outbox for potential misplacement or misuse. Consider 5 benefits of having your checks printed and out in the mail within the same business day:

The checks are paychecks

Payroll checks are one of the more time-sensitive payments your business needs to make. Checkeeper integrates with many widely-used payroll software services, such as Square and Gusto, to print paychecks for those employees who do not use direct deposit; Checkeeper also works as a stand-alone solution for companies who handle the payroll in-house and need paychecks printed and sent back to the office for onsite disbursement. Checkeeper can print a large volume of paychecks from its fulfillment center and have them sent back to your office in one large batch via UPS Next Day Air (with tracking). No printing or mailing supplies needed from you.

The checks are for bills with imminent due dates

When the bills are due soon, you cannot afford delay in getting them out. Since checks take a few days to travel through the mail, you want to know that your check order is processed quickly so that the checks can begin their journey as soon as possible. If the payments are urgent, overnight, 2-day, or priority mailing may be preferred choices; if the payment has a less urgent due date or does not require tracking options, standard first-class mail may be a suitable choice.

The checks are for customer refunds

When refunds, reimbursements, or rebates are due to your customers, you want to avoid delays. Customers become frustrated when promised rebates or entitled refunds become overdue. Have a high-volume check order? Checkeeper makes it easy to order a large batch of checks to be printed from the Checkeeper fulfillment site and mailed to each customer individually. Order a few checks or hundreds by uploading a CSV file or spreadsheet with the necessary info, and have needed checks created and on their way. For atypically large or time-sensitive orders that require a custom solution, a call, email, or message to Checkeeper customer service can help and get your rebate and refund checks in the hands of your clients as quickly as possible.

Same-day check mailing offers better security

Leaving checks sitting around an office, lying on a desk, or available on a computer screen can compromise account security and create opportunities for fraud and mishandling. Checkeeper requires very little turnaround time to have checks printed and out of the facility.

Checkeeper helps you keep cleaner records

One benefit to having your checks printed and mailed quickly is that your bookkeeping records are less cluttered. Use the Checkeeper dashboard to determine the status of your ordered checks so that you know exactly when they have been mailed and can then record the transaction and update your payable records accordingly. Checkeeper accounts come with an automated online check registry so that you do not have to manually enter check details to manage your account. Checkeeper automatically stores details of each created check in an online registry that can be searched according to any payment criteria, including payee, date, check number, amount, memo, or other line item. Whether you need to research a single payment or download your entire check history, all check transactions are at your fingertips.

Checkeeper offers complete check printing and mailing outsourcing options

Printing your own checks saves both time and money; having Checkeeper do it saves even more of both: for little more than the price of an envelope and stamp, Checkeeper can have your needed checks printed and in the mail, same day. No supplies or trips to the post office or UPS needed on your end to have one check or many checks out in the mail, all by the end of business.