Benefits of Printing Your Own Checks for Payment

Sep 26, 2023
Benefits of Printing Your Own Checks for Payment

Online check printing has completely changed the way check payments are created and transacted. Gone are the days of waiting for pricey business checks ordered through the bank to arrive in the mail; gone are the days of having to manually update physical check registries and ledgers each time you issue a payment; gone are the days of having to replace outdated, unusable checks every time you change banks, add new checking accounts, or move your business’s location. Online check printing enables you to print fully-customized business checks right from your office, on demand, with all transaction details automatically stored in an online check registry that can be searched by any check field at any time for instantaneous record retrieval. If you are considering replacing your old check process with online, on-demand check printing, Checkeeper offers all the benefits and customizable features you could need:

Lower costs than other forms of payment

While a lot of digital and mobile payment options exist for consumers and for businesses, many come with hidden fees. Purchasing items on credit is ubiquitous, but it can become expensive when merchants pass the convenience fees on to the customer or when outstanding credit card charges begin racking up interest. Checks are routinely issued and accepted by most businesses, even those that utilize other payment methods. Instead of ordering pricey checks from the bank—which take days to arrive and become outdated every time your contact info or account number changes—order online checks that are delivered virtually within seconds; online check printing enables you to print one or one-hundred checks for the same low monthly cost and to update checking information as often as needed. Checkeeper can be tried for free so that you can sample the features of online check printing without risk or cost.

Marketing tools

Every document your business sends out provides an opportunity to raise brand awareness and recognition. Checks are no different. Online check printing allows you to customize your check design to complement your other marketing materials; upload your company logo onto each check to help make sure your brand is recognizable and memorable.

On-demand printing

While you wait for your bank-ordered checks to arrive, your creditors are also waiting—to get paid. Only online check printing software can enable fully-customized checks to be printed on a moment’s notice. For those bills and invoices that are due imminently (or yesterday), print a check instantly right from the convenience and privacy of your home or office. Import your bills directly from your Xero or Odoo account and have unpaid bills automatically converted into check payments for immediate issuing.

On-demand mailing

When you’re traveling, short on time, low on supplies, or have a lot of checks to issue at once, outsourcing your check printing and mailing is the most affordable and expedient way to go. Checkeeper can print your customized business checks for you from one of its fulfillment sites and have those checks in the mail that same business day. No envelopes, check stock, printer toner, stamps, or trips to the post office needed. Checkeeper literally does all the work.

Accounting integrations

The most streamlined bookkeeping today is automated. Accounting, payroll, and payment programs are widely available to all-sized businesses and organizations—even micro businesses—handle most of the routine bookkeeping tasks, including invoicing, budgeting, expense tracking, bill paying, and payroll processing. Checkeeper links with many popular accounting products for bookkeeping and payroll, including, FreshBooks, Gusto, QuickBooks Online, Square, Odoo, and Xero for simplified financial management and real-time updating.

High-volume and custom check orders

Predictable weekly or monthly check payments can often be printed by you or your staff right from the office. But for those times when an unusually high volume of checks needs to go out—for customer rebates or refunds, for instance—Checkeeper is an all-in-one solution. Checkeeper can print hundreds or thousands of checks on your business’s behalf and have them in the mail, typically within a single business day. A phone call or email can get you a custom solution to a payment situation that falls outside the usual parameters for time, quantity, or urgency.