Unique Features Offered by Checkeeper

Apr 15, 2024
Unique Features Offered by Checkeeper

Checkeeper is a well-known, leading provider of online check-printing software. Checkeeper stays ahead of the competition by offering value, ease, versatility, and high-quality customer support. If you haven’t tried all the unique features of Checkeeper, consider some that bookkeepers and small business owners benefit the most from:

Checkeeper assists other applications

Checkeeper integrates with many other online and cloud-based accounting and payroll products commonly used by businesses, including QuickBooks Online, Square, Gusto, FreshBooks, Odoo, and Xero, with more integrations to come. Link Checkeeper to your other applications to sync data, print paychecks for employees, convert unpaid invoices directly into check payments, and have checks to vendors or customers printed and mailed for you. Not sure how to link your accounts? Some helpful videos can walk you through.

Checkeeper offers unlimited, on-demand check editing

Customized designs and layouts give business checks a more professional look. But what if your logo changes? What if you move to a bigger office, or decide to open multiple stores? What if you get a better business checking account at a different bank, or decide to open multiple checking accounts to suit your growing business needs and expenses? Once you’ve ordered pre-designed bank checks, they are unchangeable, and when your business, location, or banking situation changes, they become unusable. Online check printing through Checkeeper enables on-demand editing of checks so that no check must ever be wasted. Update your contact info, company logo, banking data, signature, and check elements as often as you need; create multiple templates and multiple saved images and signatures, if you want to print checks with varying appearances. Since you input the bank routing and account numbers yourself, you can print checks from multiple linked bank accounts and change the numbers as often as needed.

Checkeeper offers mailing services

Printing your own checks from the privacy and convenience of your home or office is a simple, time-saving way to issue payments; having Checkeeper do it all for you is even simpler and faster. When you’re short on supplies or time, or you have a large volume of checks that need to go out faster than you can do it yourself, Checkeeper can step in and do the work for you. A call or email can get you a custom quote for one-time, high-volume orders. For routine bill payments, paychecks, or other payments you need to make, choose from four priority mailing options, and have Checkeeeper print and mail your needed check payments within the same business day.

Checkeeper allows permissions for multiple users

Take advantage of the benefit of online, cloud-based applications by enabling workflow delegation when needed. You can set your Checkeeper account to allow multiple users, like a payroll manager or a remote bookkeeper, and you can also limit those permissions to designated actions if you need more control over the check payments. Checkeeper works with your approval workflow management if you require secondary authorization before checks go out. A complete history of all checks created is automatically recorded and stored for you to analyze or download whenever you need to review expenditures.

Checkeeper lets users choose the term length of service

Be wary of services that want you to commit without a trial or sign up for a long service contract before you’ve learned all the included features. Checkeeper does not keep any of its features locked. A free trial opens up all the included features of unlimited check printing, and then an ongoing, no-commitment subscription continues to offer unlimited check printing and mailing services. There are no hidden fees or surcharges for things that should come standard. Thousands of users have turned to Checkeeper in an emergency situation to bridge the temporary gap while a shutdown AP service was being restored, while thousands more have adopted Checkeeper as an ongoing, long-term payment solution. You are free to choose the term length for accessing Checkeeper services without risk, cost, or penalty.