Tasks Made Simpler with Online Check Printing

Jan 4, 2024

Checkeeper has been handling the check printing and mailing for thousands of businesses, bookkeepers, and individuals for more than a decade. Checkeeper simplifies the payment process and improves the accuracy of records with an automated, online check registry that records all details of every check created. Consider some tasks thousands of clients have made simpler just by entrusting Checkeeper with the check printing and mailing:


Checkeeper is the reliable option for issuing paychecks to those employees who still prefer paper checks. Checkeeper can print all your payroll checks—with pay stubs—for a few employees or for hundreds. Checkeeper can work as a stand-alone service for printing paychecks, or it can be used in conjunction with other software for HR and payroll, like Gusto or Square, for efficient, accurate paycheck printing. Checkeeper mailing services are ideal for companies who need printed paychecks quickly without the extensive time expenditure. Checkeeper can print your payroll checks for you and mail them directly to individual employees’ homes or back to your office in one economical bundle for onsite distribution. Your choice. Four priority mailing options and same-day turnaround time make paycheck printing and mailing as smooth and efficient as possible.

High-volume check mailing

When you have an unusually large order of checks—typically for customer refunds or rebates, Checkeeper can get those checks printed and mailed much faster than your office can. Simply upload your CSV file or spreadsheet with the necessary payee information (names, addresses and amounts), and have Checkeeper handle the printing and mailing for you. One Checkeeper account comes with unlimited check printing, and when you have Checkeeper print your high-volume order for you, checks can be in the mail promptly at the delivery speed of your choice. Have an unusually large or time-sensitive check order? A call or email to Checkeeper can get you a custom quote and quick processing.


Get organized with simplified check printing and mailing that comes with automatic check recording. Gone are the days of relying on ledgers and paper check registries: all Checkeeper accounts come with a secure, online check registry that records all the details of every check created in the account. Search for a specific payment, or export your entire check history in only a few clicks. Checkeeper can integrate check data with many other widely-used accounting and payroll software products, thereby offering clients the most efficient, productive, and streamlined bookkeeping process available.

Payments to vendors

Online check printing simplifies the entire bill-paying process, and online check printing and mailing through Checkeeper can put your needed payment checks in the mail within the day. Add Checkeeper to your Xero or Odoo account to import payment-due invoices and have Checkeeper convert them into printable checks instantly. Multiple payments due to the same recipient can be consolidated into a single check with attached invoice tables for the most streamlined payment process available: less data entry and less paperwork in less time than traditional check-issuing takes. Also, payment amounts, dates, and other pertinent info are recorded automatically in a secure, online check registry that can be searched or exported on demand when you need to review expenses or send records to your accountant. Short on time? Out of supplies? Working with a remote bookkeeper who issues payments on your behalf? Use Checkeeper’s equipment and supplies so that nothing is needed on your end to get your bills paid promptly. Checkeeper can print and mail checks on your behalf and have them in the mail at the priority mailing speed of your choice.

Checkeeper offers unique customization options

There are many benefits to switching to online check printing, and the biggest ones for small business owners are the time and money savings over traditional checks ordered through the bank. Additionally beneficial are the unique check customization options that online check printing through Checkeeper affords. The template editor enables users to upload images, backgrounds, and color logos, to adjust the placement of check elements, and to add custom check lines that best suit the unique bookkeeping needs of any business. Plus, checks printed through Checkeeper are in your hands in seconds—not days. Change the company contact info, bank info, account and routing numbers, and design elements as often as needed. To simplify and streamline even more, use Checkeeper mailing for issuing checks promptly.