Spend Less Time on Financial Management Tasks

Mar 20, 2024
Spend Less Time on Financial Management Tasks

Bookkeeping is vital to running and growing a business, but financial management is also frequently cited among small business owners as the biggest drain on time and energy. Overseeing and attending to financial matters requires a level of dedication and a commitment of time and resources that sometimes exceed what a busy entrepreneur has available. If routine financial management is starting to demand more time and attention than you can spare, consider some labor-reducing steps small business owners can take to alleviate some of the burden without compromising the accuracy.


Business owners consider automating when they need to:

·       Reduce errors and improve accuracy:

Cloud-based software products for accounting and bookkeeping do a lot of the computing and calculating for you; those that integrate automatically with one another require less data entry, and they are therefore subject to fewer human errors.

·       Increase efficiency

Automating programs work faster than people, and they are not subject to as many interruptions or distractions, so tasks can get done reliably on a set schedule.

·       Get real-time access to account transactions and cash flow

Most online software products for businesses can give 24/7 access to accounts and can make updates in real time so that users can maintain more accurate knowledge regarding cleared transactions, pending transactions, and cash on hand.

·       Allow simultaneous access to multiple users

Software that has to be downloaded or is device-specific limits the amount of people who can access, review, and update the data. Online automating programs can be accessed simultaneously by multiple authorized users from anywhere, and they can allow real-time sharing of data when needed.

·       Reduce paperwork

Business owners looking to cut down on the paper waste and clutter often appreciate the paper-free account access that online software offers.


Delegating some of the bookkeeping work can also be a helpful way to gain back more time. Delegating some or all of the bookkeeping works best when you have:

·       People you can trust

·       A standardized system in place that can be easily followed by everyone

·       A system of checks and balances to catch errors and prevent fraud

·       A straightforward and simplified process so there are no bottlenecks or backlogs

·       Transparency and accountability for all initiated transactions


According to various estimates, more than 1/3 of businesses outsource some or all of their accounting or business processes. Outsourcing can be a solution to disorganized or neglected bookkeeping for business owners looking to:

·       Save money

Outsourcing typically costs less than full-time hires and saves money on training.

·       Add professional expertise

Many people who are driven to become entrepreneurs do so because they are expert at something—but not necessarily bookkeeping. DIY bookkeeping may work when a company is small and bills are few, but as the business grows, the company may benefit from the experience and expertise added by outside bookkeepers, accountants, or other financial professionals.

·       Gain financial insight

Outsourced professionals can run financial reports for later analysis and give insight into financial patterns that help owners budget, invest, and forecast more accurately and wisely.

·       Increase productivity

Outsourcing some financial tasks to those who specialize in them can free up countless hours that can then be dedicated to more productive, revenue-growing pursuits.

Checkeeper helps streamline the bookkeeping work

Whether you are looking to automate, delegate, or outsource some bookkeeping work, Checkeeper is a helpful aid. Checkeeper allows customized business checks to be printed (and mailed) on demand and has helped over 100,000 business owners, managers, bookkeepers, and individuals manage the bills and financial obligations with much less work, in much less time.

Checkeeper offers:

Printable checks, on demand, with no hidden fees

Remote access to all authorized users

Cloud-based storage of all created checks in an online registry that can be searched, printed, or exported on demand

Multiple user access for smooth delegation

Approval workflow options that allow checks to be approved before printed or sent

Integration with widely-used accounting and payroll products

Four priority mailing options, with or without tracking

Same-business day check printing and mailing

Direct conversion of unpaid invoices into check payments with bundled totals and attached invoice tables

Printed paychecks for those employees who are paid by check

Complete check printing and mailing outsourcing options for both large orders and routine payments

Custom quotes for high-volume check orders

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