Red Flags to Avoid When Adopting Online Check Printing

Feb 20, 2024
Red Flags to Avoid When Adopting Online Check Printing

Switching to online check printing for your business? Not all software is equal, and not all services offer high-quality check-printing features with unlimited layout and design options. If you’re in the market for an online check-printing provider, or if you are looking to supplement your accounting and payroll software with check-printing features, early research is key so that you don’t get locked into a lengthy contract with a service only to find it is inadequate to your needs.

Some red flags to watch out for when comparing online check printing providers:

You have to hand over your money

Be cautious about services that require you to open accounts with them, or those that go into your checking account in order to print checks. The ideal services allow users to access the online check-printing templates without having their money moved around or managed for them.

Pricing is not upfront

There are a lot of digital payment options available for B2B payments, and many of them have hidden fees or additional charges for features that should come standard. It is worth researching the full cost of a check-printing service to make sure the advertised subscription price gives you full access to unlimited check templates and unlimited check printing. You don’t want to commit to something to find out later that features are limited, and you need a more expensive tiered plan to meet your actual needs.

Customer service is lacking

Online check printing is a straight-forward process when the website and check templates are well-designed and easy to navigate. But when troubleshooting issues arise, or when you need a large, time-sensitive, or unusual check order, you want to know that customer service is prompt, accurate, and informative. Be cautious of services that don’t offer ways to contact them, or those that have bad reputations for customer support and follow-through.

Security is not a priority

Data breaches are becoming increasingly common as we rely more and more on cloud-based services, so choosing a company that prioritizes security is important for keeping financial information confidential and protected. Online check printing services that offer encryption, follow accounting security protocols, and are HIPAA-compliant are more likely to protect your information and keep your account safeguarded.

Mailing options are not available

Printing your own checks is more convenient and more affordable than ordering and using standard bank checks, but for those times when you need an inordinately large volume of checks in fast turnaround time, hassle-free mailing options are essential. Business owners often outsource the check printing and mailing when they:

· are traveling or working remotely

· don’t have enough printing and mailing supplies on hand

· have a one-time, high-volume check order for customer rebates, refunds, or reimbursements

· need checks printed and mailed within the same business day but don’t have time to make trips to the post office

While there are some red flags to watch out for when selecting the best online check printing and mailing service for your business, there are also some useful and vital features that online check printing can offer.

Reputable, reliable check-printing services should offer:

· Unlimited check printing all month long for no additional cost

· Unlimited check templates, designs, and layouts on any kind of paper or check stock

· No hidden fees, tiered pricing, upselling, or surcharges for basic service and features

· Priority mailing options that allow users to select speed of delivery and tracking capabilities, if needed

· Software integrations with other accounting, payment, and payroll services so that data is centralized and synced automatically

Checkeeper checks all the boxes for unlimited monthly check printing that is fast, reliable, and affordable. Adopt Checkeeper to print the occasional check your business needs to send out, or outsource all check printing and mailing to Checkeeper to have your needed checks printed and in the mail within a single business day according to the priority mailing speed of your choice. Use Checkeeper as a stand-alone service for payment checks and payroll checks, or add its features to the payroll software you already use to create custom paychecks and payment checks on demand.