Owners of Summer Businesses Benefit from Online Check Printing

Apr 22, 2024
Owners of Summer Businesses Benefit from Online Check Printing

Online check printing and mailing assists summer and seasonal businesses that have unique bookkeeping needs. If your summer business is just getting started, or if you want to streamline some of the work so that back-office administrative tasks don’t take as much time and energy this year, online check printing can help.

Checkeeper online check printing and mailing is ideal for owners of summer businesses who want to:

Keep overhead low

If your summer business operates on the beach, from an outdoor space, or primarily from a vehicle, you may not have regular access to a back-office space to accommodate a lot of supplies and equipment — or the budget to add them. Online check printing and mailing is ideal for businesses that don’t want to invest in a lot of office supplies, equipment, and pricey software because Checkeeper allows unlimited usage from anywhere, with no additional investment needed. Any device and printer can get your needed business checks in your hands quickly. Don’t want to purchase a printer just for summer needs? Checkeeper can print and mail all your checks for you—no supplies needed from you at all.

Pay part-time, seasonal employees

Checkeeper has been assisting with payroll processing for thousands of companies. Whether you use an automated payroll software or run payroll yourself, Checkeeper can print paychecks with pay stubs for every employee who is paid by paper check. Summer employees typically have schedules and paychecks that vary from week to week. Checkeeper can print each paycheck on demand and automatically record all the check details in an online registry for later reconciling and exporting.

Issue payments from anywhere

Many summer businesses involve outdoor activities. If your business requires you to spend most of your working hours at a beach, pool, golf course, park, or various outdoor entertainment areas, online check printing and mailing enables your bill payments to stay up-to-date, regardless of where you have to work or travel. Order your needed checks to be printed and mailed for you within the business day without worrying about locating a printer or post office. If you have a device and a checking account, you have all you need to get business checks in the mail promptly from anywhere you can get an internet connection.

Use their current bank account

Checkeeper allows users to design each check according to individual needs. Add your customized, color business logo to only those checks that you need for business expenses. Add design elements or specific check elements that suit your desired look. Print your business checks on high-quality, professional check stock and your personal checks on the regular paper you were already using. Checkeeper does not touch your funds or move your money; the platform enables you to input the bank account and routing numbers exactly as the bank would so that you can draw funds from the account you designate while still creating customized looks that vary per check.

Small business owners use Checkeeper

If you’ve been running your own summer business for years, then you’re experienced with the challenges of having to derive the majority of your revenue in a short period of time. Bookkeeping for summer businesses can be require special attention to things that year-long businesses take for granted, like adequate space and supplies for issuing payments, as well as a steady, reliable cash flow.

Online check printing is a helpful addition to other bookkeeping tools needed to run a summer business because it can be adopted quickly and canceled anytime. Checkeeper has assisted thousands of small businesses, including seasonal businesses, in paying: bills to suppliers, short-term lease payments for vehicles and equipment, refunds to customers, reimbursement checks for supplies, paychecks for employees, and any other important payment that needs to be issued on demand.