Online Check Printing Reduces Wasted Fees

Mar 15, 2024
Online Check Printing Reduces Wasted Fees

Financial management is an important part of running a successful business, and incurring a lot of fees owed to banks, suppliers, and creditors wastes money, reduces cash flow, and disrupts accurate planning and forecasting. Looking for ways to reduce fees—and eliminate the ones that result from errors, underpayments, and general bookkeeping neglect—can help you keep more money in your own hands and keep your credit rating up.

Adopt online check printing, and stop paying wasted fees. Two fees Checkeeper can help get rid of:

Late fees for overdue bills

Paying your bills on time is vital for maintaining good credit and good relationships with suppliers, insurers, landlords, and creditors. Bills that are repeatedly overdue will result in late fees and interest charges that give you nothing in return. Online check printing is a great friend to those who don’t like bills and bookkeeping but need to get late payments up-to-date. Online check printing allows you to print a customized business check on demand, right from your office printer, using any supplies you have. Don’t have any? Outsource your check printing and mailing directly to Checkeeper to have your needed checks printed for you and placed in the mail within the business day. Your checks can be delivered at one of the four priority mailing speeds of your choice—with tracking options, if needed—so that you can rest assured your payments arrive on time.

Checkeeper offers a cloud-based, on-demand service that works with any paper and printer, as well as a full outsourcing service that can print and mail check payments for you. Checkeeper saves time by enabling:

· Invoice to check conversion

Convert your unpaid invoices directly into check payments by linking Checkeeper to your Odoo or Xero account and importing your invoices. Checkeeper will create a check for each creditor automatically, and if there are multiple bills due to the same vendor, Checkeeper will consolidate the payment into a single check with an attached invoice table that breaks down the totals. Put all your due (and past-due) bills into a single check payment that you can print on demand or have printed and mailed for you within the day.

· Same business-day mailing options

Check orders placed before 4 pm EST can be put in the mail that day. Checkeeper offers four priority mailing options for payments that are time-sensitive so that you don’t incur extraneous fees and late penalties.

· Automatic recording in a check registry

Get rid of paper check registries and ledgers that require manual data entry by taking advantage of a secure, online registry that comes with every Checkeeper account. The registry automatically stores the details of every check created, and it can be easily searched by any check field, including the ones you add yourself. When it’s time to track expenses, reconcile accounts, or prepare tax payments, your Checkeeper registry can be exported in whole or in part for seamless, on-demand bookkeeping.

· Integration with many widely-used accounting and payroll software applications for more streamlined bookkeeping

Checkeeper can work as a stand-alone service for your payment needs, or it can be linked to your other accounting applications, including Gusto, Square, QuickBooks Online, Xero, Odoo, and more. Using programs that work together saves time, reduces errors, and adds efficiency to the overall bookkeeping process.

Transaction fees

There are a lot of payment and e-payment methods available to businesses, but many of them come with fees of their own. Digital payments are helpful when you need to transfer money quickly, but how much does it cost to access the options? A cost-effective feature of online check printing through Checkeeper is that there are no hidden fees: no transaction fees, surcharges, activation costs, or tiered pricing for added features. The unlimited features of unlimited check printing come standard for the same monthly price, regardless of how many checks you need to print or how many checking accounts you pay bills from. And for little more than the price of an envelope and stamp, Checkeeper can print and mail your checks for you.

Need a large, custom order in a fast turnaround time? When you need a high volume of checks for customer refunds, rebates, or reimbursements, a call or email to Checkeeper can get you a custom quote to do the whole job. No supplies needed from you except your CSV file or spreadsheet with customer payment data. Checkeeper takes care of the rest.