Online Check Printing for a Temporary Fix: 6 Things to Avoid

Apr 5, 2023
Online Check Printing for a Temporary Fix: 6 Things to Avoid

Good financial management requires tools that are secure, accurate, and—most importantly—reliable. In the course of the last couple years, several major payment providers suffered data breaches, sudden discontinuation, or temporary suspensions due to bank collapse. All of these events created a payroll and accounting crisis for their many, many clients, who then were left scrambling to find a temporary payroll and bill-pay solution until services were restored or transferred. Online check printing can help businesses in these situations and can be a short-term or permanent fix.

When time is limited and you need a solution quickly to get your employees paid and your bills up-to-date, it can be tempting to rush into a service that you may later regret.

When selecting an online check printing provider, choose carefully. Avoid services that:

Limit how many checks you can print

Online check printing is a lifeline when you need checks instantly, but some services only allow a finite number per day, per month, or per account. When trying out a new service to see if it can suitably replace your old system, look for a service that gives you unlimited check printing to cover all your payroll and payment needs; when your trial ends, you'll be confident that you learned the service well and utilized all its options.

Require a lengthy commitment

If your current service suffered a sudden outage or was discontinued on short notice, you may feel pressured to find a replacement very quickly and may not have time to do all the research you normally would before adopting a new service. Going with a low- or no-commitment subscription allows you to do the research as you use the service: you get a hands-on tutorial and will discover in real time if the new product suits your needs. Online check services that require you to commit upfront may have limitations you don’t know about or lack features you need, and you may end up paying more than you need to for an agreement you have to end abruptly.

Do not offer 24/7 remote access

Online check printing is the perfect solution for businesses that use remote bookkeeping services. You and your authorized bookkeeper can connect to your account from anywhere you happen to be working and update the financial records in real time.

Handle your money

Online check printing services should let you remain in control: of your check design, check quantity, number of users, and, most importantly, of your money. Checkeeper never touches your funds; it only creates customized, legally-viable checks that you can issue to employees, freelancers, vendors, clients, landlords, or anyone else your business needs to pay.

Do not integrate

Online services for businesses save a lot of time, headache, and redundancy in data entry—but only if they work together. When it comes to your accounts payable, you save the most time and effort by working with integratable services that sync data in real time. Online check printing with Checkeeper offers automatic compatibility with QuickBooks Online, Gusto, Harvest, Xero, FreshBooks, Square, and more for the most streamlined bookkeeping options.

Do not offer priority mailing options

Online check printing offers 21st century convenience for one of the most time-tested and trusted ways to issue payment. If you need checks quickly and are in between services, the best temporary option is one that will actually print and mail the checks for you when time is of the essence. Checkeeper offers a variety of priority mailing options that take all the work off your desk: checks can be printed at the fulfillment center and mailed anywhere you choose, including back to your office if you want the checks in your own hands before you disburse them. Batch mailing options with customized pricing are also available for large quantities of checks that you need overnight-mailed in one bundle directly to your office.

Checkeeper offers the features businesses need most

Online check printing through Checkeeper can be tried for free and then continued on a month-to-month basis and canceled at any time. There are no limits on the number of checks you can issue or number of accounts you can link. It offers the perfect solution to immediate check printing and mailing needs.