Four Priority Mailing Options for On-time Payments

Oct 25, 2023

Online check printing and mailing offers a wide array of choices in all aspects of check design, format, and paper type. When you need to have your checks printed and mailed for you, Checkeeper offers four priority mailing options to give you optimal control over your check payment deliveries.

Once you’ve purchased mailing credits, send any number of checks at the priority speeds and tracking options of your choice. Choose from:

·       USPS First Class

·       USPS Priority (with tracking)

·       UPS Second Day Air (with tracking)

·       UPS Next Day Air (with tracking)

Checkeeper’s priority print-and-mail check options are suited to a lot of different payment situations:

When your payment is due soon

When you need prompt delivery of payments for bills that are imminently due, Checkeeper can have your custom business checks printed and in the mail for you within the same business day. Save time and improve efficiency by using Checkeeper add-ons to convert your bills directly into check payments—with invoice tables and automatically bundled totals—and have those checks in the mail within the same business day.

When you have a routine payment that is not urgent

Every payment is important, but not every payment is urgent. For routine payments that don’t need to travel fast, Checkeeper can print your customized, logo-styled business check and mail it through US mail, either first class or priority with tracking. No stamps, envelopes, or mailing supplies needed from you.

When you need a large volume of checks to be mailed individually

Printing your own customized business checks from your office saves a ton of time, improves accuracy, and enhances the efficiency of your bookkeeping system. But for those times when you need hundreds or thousands of checks for customer rebates or refunds, printing them all yourself will deplete time, energy, and supplies. Outsource your high-volume check order to Checkeeper by uploading your CSV file with customer info, and have Checkeeper print each check and mail it to the individual address listed on the check via First Class mail. No additional time or supplies needed. Checks are stuffed for you in a secure #10 double-window envelope, and all details are automatically recorded in your online registry.

When you need a large volume of paychecks mailed back to your office

If you need a batch of checks printed and back in your own hands before distribution on site to employees, contractors, or other business affiliates, Checkeeper’s next-day batch mailing option is the answer. Have your checks printed at the Checkeeper fulfillment site, and indicate that you want them mailed back to you in one economical bundle via UPS Next Day Air. Online check mailing is the least time-consuming way to get your checks printed and back to your office for disbursement.

When you want to hold onto the money a bit longer

Checks are one of the most time-tested and trusted ways to issue B2B payment, and they are accepted by virtually every business. Payments that are less time-sensitive can be sent by regular first-class mail, which takes a few days to arrive, and then a few days for company and bank processing.

When you want tracking

Three of the four priority mailing options offer tracking options so that you can trace your payment’s the chain of custody and stay accountable in case of a dispute or error.

Buy mailing credits and get started

Checkeeper works as a stand-alone solution to check printing and mailing for businesses of all sizes, or it can be used as a complement to other accounting and payroll products for businesses. Checkeeper can handle the occasional check payment you need printed and mailed, or it can handle all your monthly check printing and mailing needs as a complete, all-in-one outsourcing option. Have a bookkeeper who handles the check payments? Bookkeepers are already familiar with the convenience of online check printing and mailing, and Checkeeper makes it easy to authorize your remote or onsite bookkeeper to order checks on your behalf. Authorize and limit user permissions as you see fit; check orders placed before 4 p.m. EST will be in the mail that day.

Need a custom solution for an atypical payment situation? A call or email to Checkeeper can handle that too so that your needed payments are not delayed and are sent according to the priority mailing option of your choice.