Automatic Check Recording Improves Bookkeeping Efficiency

Dec 27, 2023
Automatic Check Recording Improves Bookkeeping Efficiency

Your online check registry is a vital element to your business’s bookkeeping.  All Checkeeper accounts come with a secure check registry that automatically records the details of checks created for more efficient and more accurate expense tracking and accounting.

Checkeeper’s online check registry can be:

·       Searched by any check field: Find a check by searching according to payee, check number, amount, date, or any other line item, including memo.

·       Exported according to any date range: When you need to close the books for the year or reconcile a quarter’s worth of spending, your online registry can pull up a partial or entire check history to be downloaded, printed, or shared, as needed.

Some occasions you’ll need to consult your Checkeeper check registry:

Research a payment

Can’t remember if you paid an invoice? Or, are you sure you did, but a vendor is disputing it? Are you uncertain if you may have overpaid, underpaid, or made duplicate payments on purchases? If you paid by check, your online check registry is a quick go-to for researching a payment to compare with your banking records. Your check registry can be searched by any field; payee, date, and amount are typically the most helpful check fields to search when a payment is being challenged, but you can also search by check number, memo, or any line item you added to your check template.

Show documentation

When multiple people are involved in the financial management, there will be times when proof of created payments may need to be shown or shared with other members of the team. Checkeeper offers a cloud-based software that keeps all authorized users up-to-date on payments with full access to a real-time list of checks created.

Keep track of payroll

A major benefit of using Checkeeper for issuing paychecks is that it can be used as a stand-alone service for printing paychecks for those employees who prefer paper check over direct deposit, or it can be used in conjunction with the other online payroll software your business uses, such as Square or Gusto. Create as many paychecks as needed and have data automatically recorded. Checkeeper can print the paychecks for you, when preferred, and mail them to individual employees or back to your office in one bundle for onsite disbursement: pay stubs included.

Reconcile spending

Keeping your accounts aligned and balanced is important for managing cash flow and for maintaining real-time knowledge of your company’s financial strength. When you are reviewing your monthly or quarterly bank statements, your check registry is a helpful tool for drawing contrast and making sure checks created through your template match the amounts cashed by recipients. Having trouble keeping track of checks after they are created? Checkeeper can print and mail your check payments for you so that late, overdue, and forgotten mailings are things of the past.

Settle the books for the year

When it’s time to close the books for the year, your Checkeeper online check registry will give you what you need to document details of the checks you created and issued on behalf of your business. You can export your entire check history to give to your accountant, or you can print or download a partial check history bracketed by any date range you choose. Instructions for simple check registry exporting can be found here.

Checkeeper offers cloud-based check printing and mailing for busy entrepreneurs, office managers, bookkeepers, and individuals. Make tracking expenses and reconciling accounts as seamless and error-proof as possible with online accounting and bookkeeping tools that keep track of payments automatically and sync various financial data in real time.