Automatic Check Recording for Accurate Bookkeeping

Feb 14, 2024
Automatic Check Recording for Accurate Bookkeeping

Online check printing offers a multitude of conveniences over the traditional check-writing process, and it streamlines the record keeping and manual data entry that used to be necessary when dealing with B2B check transactions. Checkeeper users have access to all the modern features of online check printing and mailing and no longer need to keep physical check registries, which are prone to error and misplacement — and are highly inconvenient when access must be shared among multiple people or business locations. Every Checkeeper account comes with an online registry that automatically records the details of each check created so that users can maintain accurate, up-to-the minute recording of checks created in the account without having to individually record the dates, payees, or amounts of the checks printed.

The Checkeeper registry is unique and offers users what many other check-printing platforms cannot.

Checkeeper users have access to an online registry that is:


Creating checks via online template mitigates some of the ordinary challenges of keeping business checks secure and private. Leaving blank, ready-to-use business checks available in office drawers or on desks creates opportunities for misplacement, misappropriation, and fraud, and it leaves payment details easily observable to anyone, including those who are not authorized to access financial information. Online check printing through Checkeeper offers a high level of security and confidentiality so that your private information is as protected as possible. Checkeeper is compliant with HIPAA, GDPR, and SOC II, and it uses the same level of encryption that banks use. Your account is password protected, and only users you authorize can access the online registry.


The Checkeeper check registry records all checks created in the account, from the very first one, and can give you instant access to your entire check history. Whether you need to share with your accountant a record of checks printed within a specified date range, or a list of every check ever printed ever, the Checkeeper registry holds a complete history.


Need to double-check a payment? Settle a dispute? Track an expense? Verify an amount, date, or invoice number? The Checkeeper registry is searchable by any check field. Gone are the days of scrutinizing pages of written check registries, scanning dates and names in an attempt to locate a specific payment. The Checkeeper registry can do the searching for you and call up your transaction according to any check field: payee, date, amount, check number—even the memo.


The online registry is particularly useful to companies that have more than one person issuing or authorizing payments. Checkeeper enables you to identify a user who initiated a payment; you can also manage user permissions to authorize, change, expand, or limit the features each approved user can access.


When it’s time to close the books for the year or hand your records over to your accountant, you’ll appreciate how easy it is to retrieve your check history. Your online check registry can be downloaded, printed, or shared—in all or in part—whenever you need it.

Accessible from anywhere

Checkeeper is cloud-based and mobile-optimized, so you can access both your account features and your check records whenever you need to, from wherever you are. Sharing a physical check registry with an offsite bookkeeper or a manager who works from a separate location is highly inconvenient and will likely result in many errors of payment omission and duplication. It also makes expense-tracking more complicated than it needs to be. The Checkeeper registry is stored online and can be accessed in real-time by any authorized user from any device and from any location. Updates to the account are done in real time, as well, and integrated with the other accounting applications you use so that every team member has simultaneous access to the most accurate information.

Automatic check recording improves bookkeeping accuracy while reducing the amount of paperwork and data entry required

Checkeeper makes balancing your check records a simpler, cleaner process that takes little time and energy. Since Checkeeper integrates with many other accounting and payroll applications for businesses, data entry and paperwork are also greatly reduced for the most streamlined—and painless—bookkeeping and payment process.