Add Online Check Printing to Payroll Automation

May 10, 2024
Add Online Check Printing to Payroll Automation

Setting up and processing payroll consumes a lot of time and energy, but accurate payroll is important to running a business smoothly, staying legally compliant, and keeping employees satisfied. Many small businesses have discovered the benefits of automating their payroll. Online, digital tools are widely available to help companies of all sizes and types manage HR and get prompt, accurate paychecks out on time.

Many business owners have found that using software to automate payroll:

Saves time

Improves accuracy

Improves efficiency

Allows smoother integration with accounting applications

Costs less than full-time payroll managers

Provides access to professional customer service and expertise for questions and troubleshooting

Online tools help streamline payroll processing

Calculating and running payroll is a time-consuming process for many business owners. Digital tools that can manage the payroll for you and sync the data with your other bookkeeping and accounting programs can reduce the time and hassle without straining the budget. Services that offer check printing and mailing are vital components to automating payroll when you have employees who prefer to receive paper checks, as well as employees who work remotely and need their payments mailed to them.

Did you know?

Not all payroll and accounting software products offer built-in, customized, unlimited check printing. Connecting Checkeeper to your accounting software enables you to print paychecks on demand for those employees who prefer paper checks. Checkeeper offers a fully-customizable template for designing your check to suit your needs: upload and save color logos, images, backgrounds, and signatures; move check elements around to accommodate your preferred check stock, or insert additional check elements to suit your specific bookkeeping needs.

Checkeeper is the ideal solution for companies who:

·       Use a payroll software that lacks features needed for customizing and printing checks on demand

·       Don’t use a payroll software but need paper paychecks with pay stubs and documentation

·       Have remote employees who need checks mailed to their homes or offices

·       Use Gusto to run payroll

·       Want to connect their Square accounts to have paychecks printed and mailed for them

·       Need a lot of paychecks printed at once and mailed back to the office for onsite distribution

Adding online check printing to payroll automation has unique benefits

Checkeeper offers a full suite of solutions for customized check printing and mailing. When you have a large volume of paychecks, Checkeeper can print them all for you and have them sent back to you via UPS Next Day Air for fast, efficient distribution. All check details are automatically recorded in the online registry for exporting, reconciling, tax preparation, and for syncing with other accounting applications with which Checkeeper integrates.

Checkeeper has also stepped in many times during emergencies when a business’s normal financial service or payroll provider had to be temporarily shut down. Even in an emergency, paychecks still need to go out, and Checkeeper can work as a temporary, stand-alone service during those times when the default technology used by a company becomes unavailable. Checkeeper can be used as long as needed and canceled anytime.

Checkeeper prints paychecks for business of all sizes. Company owners who print paychecks and other payment checks on demand through Checkeeper benefit from:

·       Seamless integration with many accounting products

·       Video instructions for accessing check-printing and mailing features

·       On-demand, limitless editing and updating of check details, business addresses, and bank account numbers

·       Same-business day mailing options for checks that need to travel

·       Universal accessibility from wherever you happen to be working

·       Automatic recording of paycheck details

·       Included pay stubs and documentation, as needed

·       Ability to print checks from multiple bank accounts at once when funds need to come from different sources

·       Overnight batch delivery service for those times you need the entire staff’s paychecks sent back to the office

·       On-demand check printing options for emergency situations when a business’s normal payroll provider or financial institution suffers a disruption, breach, security failure, or temporary shutdown

·       Unlimited check printing for any business budget

·       No hidden fees, surcharges, tiered pricing, or upselling

·       Prompt, reliable customer support for questions and troubleshooting