A Dedicated Business Checking Account for Improved Financial Management

Apr 29, 2024
A Dedicated Business Checking Account for Improved Financial Management

Having a dedicated business checking account keeps personal and business funds separate and distinct, and it can improve the overall efficiency of a company’s financial management. While having a separate business checking account may be required for certain kinds of companies, it can be a helpful way, generally, to keep better track of business expenses and to manage the cash flow more efficiently.

Managing a separate business checking account can aid business and financial management by:

· Making expense tracking easier

· Improving cash flow management

· Enhancing security

· Allowing customer payments to be accepted more easily

· Helping a company stay legally compliant

· Establishing a financial foundation

· Enabling more accurate analyses, budgets, and forecasts

· Enhancing professionalism

If you are in the process of opening a checking account for your new or growing business, Checkeeper is a helpful tool that can start working for you right away. Some benefits to adding Checkeeper to your checking account management:

Get professional, customized business checks printed as soon as you need them

If you have a bank account and a Checkeeper account, you have all you need to create customized, professional business checks whenever you need them. Upload your unique color logo, as well as backgrounds, images, signatures, and other design preferences, and use your checks to complement your other marketing materials. Using premium-quality check stock optimizes the professionalism, but Checkeeper can print a legally-viable check on plain, blank paper if that's what you have available.

Automatically record and store check details

Cloud storage through Checkeeper allows you to have all the transaction recording done for you automatically. Instead of manually entering check details in a check registry or series of ledgers, Checkeeper will automatically record all the check details in an online registry that can be searched, printed, downloaded, or shared whenever needed. Need to research a payment, double-check a date or amount, reconcile accounts, track expenses, or export the check registry for tax preparation? Checkeeper’s online registry makes it simple and instant.

Enable others to access on your behalf

Entrepreneurs are used to taking on most of the business tasks on their own. For times you need to delegate some of the bill paying, account reconciling, and financial management, Checkeeper’s online accessibility makes it a simple, hassle-free affair. Authorize user permissions to give your bookkeeper, office manager, or financial assistant access to the Checkeeper account so that they can print checks on your behalf. Limit their access to only the features needed, or add an approval requirement if you want more control over payments before they go out. Checkeeper is versatile and flexible and can work within the financial management system you use.

Order payments mailed from anywhere

When you’re out of town, working from home, away from a printer, or simply overwhelmed with other important business, Checkeeper can take over printing and mailing your payments for you. Import unpaid invoices directly into Checkeeper, or format a check with payment information yourself. Order your needed checks to be printed and mailed directly from the Checkeeper fulfillment center, with no printing or mailing supplies needed from you. Checkeeper offers four priority mailing options, and check orders placed before 4pm EST can be placed in the mail before the end of the business day. Checkeeper can work as a stand-alone service, a check-printing add-on to complement other accounting and payroll software, or as a complete outsourcing option for printing and mailing checks. Cloud-based and mobile-optimized, Checkeeper goes where you do and can provide all the supplies needed to keep check payments on time.

Have a high-volume check order processed for you

While your business bank account helps you receive payments from customers, there may be times you need to send money to them. When you have a one-time high volume of check payments for customer refunds or rebates, Checkeeper can take all the work off your desk. Printing, addressing, recording, and mailing each refund check is a tremendous drain on time and resources for you and your office staff. Checkeeper sends out thousands of checks weekly and can print as large of a batch of checks as needed to get your clients paid promptly. A call or email can get you a custom quote and solution for a high-volume order; upload a CSV file or spreadsheet with pertinent payment and address data, and Checkeeper can handle the rest.