8 Areas to Research When Upgrading to Online Check Printing

Feb 1, 2024

Considering upgrading to online check printing? There are many services and software products out there, and not all offer the full array of options needed for fast, efficient, secure check printing.  

Before signing a lengthy (and costly) contract for a service or product with which you’re not familiar, consider eight important areas to research—and the right questions to ask—so that you can make the most informed choice for your company.

1.   How many checks can I print each month?

Most companies have a varying number of checks to send out each month or quarter. Not all online check printing services offer unlimited checks for the introductory rate. Some may limit how many checks you can print each month, or how many templates you can create. Checkeeper offers unlimited checks all month long for the same fixed price: print one check, one hundred, or one thousand. The cost is the same.

2.   What are the extra fees?

Everyone is familiar with the enticement of adopting low-cost software only to find out later that the truly essential features require a costly upgrade. Checkeeper has no hidden fees, tiers, expensive add-ons, or activation charges. One subscription unlocks all the features of unlimited check printing with no surprises later.

3.   Are there accounting integrations?

Online check printing makes management of the books and accounts payable simpler all-around. For enhanced organization and streamlining, connect your accounting, payroll, and payment applications to your online check printing account so that data is updated instantly across all channels. Checkeeper integrates with many of the most widely-used accounting and payroll software for businesses. Link your Checkeeper account with your other programs to:

·       Have unpaid invoices converted directly into check payments

·       Run payroll and have paper paychecks printed and mailed for you

·       Connect with QuickBooks Online, FreshBooks, Gusto, Odoo, Square, and others for more efficient bookkeeping

·       Consolidate payment records to share with your bookkeeper and accountant

4.   Are there mailing options?

Printing checks on your own is an expedient and secure way to get your bills paid quickly. Even more expedient is having them printed and mailed for you. While some services may offer a template to print a check, not all providers offer same-day mailing for those times when you are low on supplies, short on time, or simply overwhelmed with the volume of checks that need to go out. Checkeeper offers four priority mailing options—three with tracking—that can have your check order printed and out for delivery within the same business day. No supplies needed from you.

5.   What investment is required?

Printing your own checks does not require special equipment, printers, toner, or paper. One of its greatest conveniences is that you can use whatever supplies you already have. While high-quality check stock is recommended for the most professional appearance, standard printer paper can be used to create legally-viable checks. Checkeeper works with whatever supplies you own and prefer: upload your preferred check stock with color logo, or design a style and layout that suit you from within Checkeeper’s customizable template. Checks are automatically formatted in the MICR-encoded font that bank computers recognize: no hefty investments in equipment, ink, or specialty paper needed from you. And since Checkeeper is cloud-based, there is nothing to download and maintain: all updates, security, and maintenance are handled for you so that you can access your account from any device you own and travel with.

6.   Can I get my bookkeeper/accountant on board?

One of the best features of cloud-based financial services is that they allow shared access among authorized users, and they keep everyone connected to real-time data, regardless of where or when they work. While some online check services may limit the amount of users with whom you can share account access, Checkeeper makes it easy to share real-time data with your team, your bookkeeper, your accountant, and anyone else who needs access to payments. Authorize user permissions—and limit those permissions—to suit your bookkeeping needs, and change them anytime to maintain maximum accountability and transparency in the payment process.

7.   Can I sample for free?

Be cautious about getting locked into a lengthy commitment or contract with a product you don’t know much about. All Checkeeper accounts come with a 14-day risk-free trial that can be canceled anytime. Sample all the features of online check printing right from the convenience of your home or office without risk.

8.   Can you just do it all for me?

When you only need a check or two, online check printing is the most convenient alternative to writing and recording checks by hand. But what about when you have hundreds or thousands of checks? When you need many checks at once—for payroll, rebates, or customer refunds—Checkeeper can take on all the work for you. More than just an online template, Checkeeper is a full-service check printing and mailing provider that can have a large batch of checks printed and mailed for you at the delivery speed of your choosing. Upload your CSV file or spreadsheet and let Checkeeper do the rest.

Online check printing offers business checks that are both customizable and printable on demand. Hundreds of thousands of businesses and bookkeepers have ditched the check books, paper registries, and bulky ledgers in favor of faster, more efficient, and more up-to-date check payment methods. For business check printing and mailing, Checkeeper is unparalleled. Checkeeper offers:

·       Unlimited checks per month

·       Fully customizable and personalizable check templates

·       Uploading options for check stock, company logos, designs, signatures, and images

·       Integration options with a wide variety of accounting, payment, and payroll software applications

·       Direct conversion of bills to checks

·       Priority mailing options

·       Complete outsourcing of high-volume check orders to be printed and mailed

·       A free trial