7 Unique Features Only Checkeeper Offers

Dec 15, 2023
7 Unique Features Only Checkeeper Offers

Traditional checks ordered through the bank and written out by hand cannot convey the professionalism of custom-printed business checks. Unfortunately, not all check printing services offer the full line of options or keep you in full control of your funds. Checkeeper has served the online check printing and mailing needs for thousands of businesses over the years and has left business owners in control of their own money. Consider seven unique features that Checkeeper offers:

1.    Professional business checks printed on demand

If you’re still using old-fashioned, handwritten checks, you’re missing out on the convenience and elevated professionalism that online check printing offers. Instead of continuing the cycle of constant checkbook reordering—and replacing, every time contact info or banking info changes—switch to online check printing that puts an end to outdated, unusable checks once and for all. Checkeeper can have a professional business check in your hands in a few seconds. Update your business contact info, bank info, and account number, as often as you need without wasting a single check.

2.    Uploaded logos, backgrounds, signatures, and images

Your business is unique; your checks should be, too. Add a color logo to every check so that it works in tandem with your other marketing materials to reinforce your brand. Create a customized look by adding backgrounds or images of your choice to your checks, and store your signature for added convenience. Need a specific line item added to your check for better bookkeeping? Checkeeper’s template editor allows you to add or reposition check fields to suit your needs and style preferences.

3.    Integration with accounting software

If you use a software product for accounting or payroll, you are already familiar with the benefits of cloud-based tools for streamlining financial management. You may also have noticed that not all online accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll software come with check printing options; many don’t. Checkeeper offers a cloud-based tool that can work as a stand-alone service for all your office check printing needs or can work compatibly with many of the most widely-used accounting services for businesses. Checkeeper can also work with any type of check stock your system uses, including check-on-top for typical B2B payments, as well as check-on-bottom that many businesses prefer for payroll. Checkeeper can even print a legally-viable check on plain, blank paper if that’s all you have available. Pay vendor bills, convert unpaid invoices directly into check payments, and run payroll, all by linking your Checkeeper account to one of the supported add-ons.

4.    A secure, online check registry

Gone are the days of having to manually enter check details into registries and ledgers; gone are the days of forgetting to do it, also. Checkeeper does the remembering and recording for you. All accounts come with an online registry that makes expense tracking and payment documentation a simplified process. Checkeeper enables you to search your registry by any check field and to export your entire check history on demand.

5.    Custom check options for high-volume orders

When you need a few checks for routine business payments, online check printing is a convenient and affordable solution. But what about those times when you need hundreds or thousands of checks for customer refunds, rebates, or reimbursements? Printing out hundreds of checks from your office printer will require more time, supplies, and manpower than you may want to spare. Checkeeper offers custom solutions for your high-volume check printing needs. A call or email to Checkeeper can have your checks printed and mailed within the business day. Have them sent back to your office in one bundle, or have Checkeeper send them out to each individual address.

6.    Complete check printing and mailing services

When you’re low on time, short on supplies, or away from your office, Checkeeper’s check mailing services enable you to keep up with all your payments. Checkeeper offers four priority mailing options, with or without tracking, so that your checks are delivered promptly. Checkeeper can also print all your employee paychecks every time you run payroll and have them delivered back to your office for prompt disbursement. Working with a remote bookkeeper who issues payments on your behalf? Your authorized bookkeeper can create check payments from your Checkeeper account and have them mailed for you so that no special check stock or company supplies need to be stocked remotely.

7.    Unlimited check printing without hidden fees

Some subscription services want you to commit for a contract period before you’ve even sampled their product; others offer a low price only to hit you later with costly add-ons and hidden fees; some online check services limit the number of checks you can create each month. Checkeeper offers a risk-free 14-day trial followed by a low monthly subscription that can be canceled on demand. Print as many checks as you want, from as many linked checking accounts as you need, for as long or short a time as you choose, all for the same predictable price.