6 Ways Checkeeper Can Improve Business Management in 2024

Jan 19, 2024

Checkeeper’s template for creating and printing custom checks has been used by thousands of companies and organizations because it saves time, reduces costs, and streamlines the financial management by working in coordination with other accounting and payroll software commonly used in business.

If your business is looking to transition to a faster, more economical way to issue check payments this year, consider some things you can do through Checkeeper:

1.    Print payroll checks

For those employees who prefer paper paychecks, Checkeeper is the optimal tool. Checkeeper can work as a stand-alone platform for issuing paychecks, complete with pay stubs, or it can work in tandem with other HR/payroll software that your company uses so that employees receive prompt, accurate paychecks on time. Checkeeper is also ideal for those businesses who have remote employees, as paychecks printed by Checkeeper can be put in the mail that day to be sent to the employee’s home or remote office.

2.    Connect with a bookkeeper

Checkeeper was designed with bookkeepers and accountants in mind, and no other software can create checks with such a high level of customization and professionalism. Checkeeper is cloud-based and mobile-optimized so that your bookkeepers can connect from anywhere, anytime, regardless of whether they work onsite or remotely. Authorize user permissions to expand or limit how much access your bookkeeper has, and set controls so that he or she follows a workflow approval process for payments issued. Since Checkeeper’s template works with literally any type of check stock on the market, your bookkeeper can design your completely customized check to suit the features, logos, and check stock your business uses.

3.    Take your work with you

Checkeeper is an ideal solution for busy entrepreneurs, freelancers, and contractors whose work takes them on the road. You can access Checkeeper from anywhere you can get a connection, making it optimal for people who travel, work at home sometimes, or perform a lot of daily operational tasks right from their company vehicles. When you are traveling or far from your printer, Checkeeper can do the printing and mailing for you so that the payment process suffers no disruption.

4.    Have payments mailed for you

Checkeeper offers four priority mailing options (three with tracking features) through USPS and UPS. Checks ordered before 4pm EST can be printed and in the mail that business day, with no supplies, paper, or stamps needed from your office. Upload a CSV file with payment details if you need many checks mailed at once; choose a batch mailing option if you need a large bundle of paychecks printed immediately and delivered back to your office the next day.

5.    Stay in control

Checkeeper enables on-demand check printing without ever touching your funds or moving your money into a separately held account. Checkeeper allows you to delegate the work to employees or bookkeepers without giving up financial control, regardless of how many people share access to the books. You can set user permissions to allow authorized employees to issue check payments when needed; you can also limit user permissions according to your bookkeeping needs and security preferences.

6.    Improve security

Being able to print checks on demand means that you are never required to store blank, ready-to-use business checks around your office. Checks left unsecured in offices can be misplaced, misappropriated, or used without accountability. Protect your confidential banking information by creating checks only as you need them. Checkeeper accounts are HIPAA compliant, SSL-encrypted, and password protected. Checkeeper safeguards your account and follows up-to-date account and data security protocols, including:

Bank-level encryption

Multiple data backups per day

HIPAA, SOC II, and GDPR compliance

Deletion of printed images after processing

Checks printed at the Checkeeper fulfillment site and mailed for you are sent in #10 double-window business envelopes, and their delivery can be monitored if you choose a priority mailing method that offers tracking.

Get more of your time back this year by having custom checks printed and mailed for you

Every busy entrepreneur wishes there were more hours in the day and fewer routine administrative tasks to perform. Routine clerical and financial management work is not always the most glamorous or enjoyable, but it is vital to growing and sustaining a profitable business. Checkeeper can take some of the work off your desk so that you have more time for the more creative and professional aspects of running your business.  All checks created through Checkeeper are automatically recorded and stored (and synced with your accounting software, if needed) so that expense tracking and account reconciling take less time and are more accurate.