6 Reasons You Don’t Need to Be Tech Savvy to Become a Checkeeper

Apr 19, 2024
6 Reasons You Don’t Need to Be Tech Savvy to Become a Checkeeper

One of the main reasons business owners cite for a reluctance to take on new digital tools rests on the belief that tech tools are difficult to learn and adopt for those with little-to-no tech training. Worried about purchasing a software that you won’t know how to use? Concerned that you’ll pay for a lot of features you can’t unlock because you don’t have the expertise? Think a new program will require an extensive series of training courses for your staff? Not so with Checkeeper. Checkeeper goes wherever you do and works whenever you do. Easy to navigate, intuitive to use, and supportive in times of troubleshooting, Checkeeper is the ideal addition to offices that want to take advantage of today’s digital business solutions but don’t have a lot of IT expertise on hand.

You don’t need tech expertise to use Checkeeper. Here’s why:

1.    Checkeeper is easy to learn and adopt

Cloud-based tools have come a long way to make accessing financial management features simple for even the least tech-savvy person to master. Checkeeper’s website is easy to navigate and can be accessed from anywhere you can get an internet connection. With no special software to download, Checkeeper is not device-specific, and it can work with any printer and paper you already use and can be accessed by multiple authorized users if your bookkeeping necessitates it.

2.    Checkeeper handles site maintenance and software updates for you

The days of having to purchase a lot of expensive software downloads that only work on selected devices and need to be updated every year have been eclipsed by the myriad of online and cloud-based tools that now do all that for you. Even a small or micro business with no IT department can take advantage of many digital tools for businesses that automate and streamline everything from invoicing, to customer service, to payroll processing, to financial management. Checkeeper offers all the security, updating, and troubleshooting for clients so they don’t have to think about it or get specialty training. No IT expertise is needed to tap into all the benefits of unlimited online check printing.

3.    Checkeeper automatically integrates with other programs to cut down on time and improve accuracy

The more times and places data has to be entered, the more room for error. Data entry errors, computation errors, omitted transactions, and entry duplications are some common types of bookkeeping mistakes, and they can be especially prevalent when multiple people are involved in financial management or there is no approval process or standardized system to execute and record transactions. Checkeeper works with the most popular accounting and payroll tools for business, including QuickBooks Online, FreshBooks, Gusto, Xero, Square, and Odoo, with more to come.

4.    Users can get help with online chat anytime

Have a question or concern? Unlike other services, Checkeeper gets back to you. Customer service is a priority, and Checkeeper has served hundreds of thousands of satisfied clients. An online chat can get your questions quickly answered, as can illustrative tutorials and instructions. Have more complicated needs or requests. A call or email to Checkeeper can get you a custom solution to your unique check printing and mailing needs.

5.    Video tutorials are a click away

Most Checkeepers know about the illustrative tutorials on the website, but did you know...there are also concise, informative videos available online to give you visual walkthroughs of Checkeeper’s many unique and sophisticated features? If you want to upload a CSV file, connect Checkeeper to Square, convert bills to checks in Xero or Odoo, or change your custom layout, video guides are key to showing you how it’s done—and all on your own time.

6.    Checkeeper will just do it all for you

Don’t have the time or inclination to investigate all the features of online check printing? Or, do you need a quick replacement for a discontinued software and lack the time needed to research and train on a new product? Just have Checkeeper print and mail your customized checks for you. Checkeeper can be an all-in-one solution for creating and sending checks to vendors, clients, employees, and anyone else you routinely pay. Checkeeper can handle single-check orders, high-volume check orders, priority mailings, payments to remote workers and freelancers, and your entire batch of payroll checks. Each check is mailed in a secure #10 double-window envelope, and checks ordered through Checkeeper can be sent according to the speed and tracking option of your choice.

No special equipment, supplies, or IT training needed to unlock all the features of unlimited check printing and mailing through Checkeeper. Let Checkeeper worry about security, site maintenance, software updating, and IT troubleshooting for you—just create and print your checks, on demand and at your convenience.