5 Signs that Your Business Is Ready for the Next Generation of Check Writing

Mar 7, 2023
5 Signs that Your Business Is Ready for the Next Generation of Check Writing

Despite the continual proliferation of payment methods available to businesses and consumers, paper checks remain a persistent and pervasive method of issuing and accepting payment—paper checks are still used in some capacity by virtually every business in the nation. While checks—which are trusted, traditional, and traceable—will never become obsolete, the old-fashioned method of writing and signing each by hand has been modernized through online services that can print checks with greater speed, security, and customizing.

If you are still issuing professional checks by hand, look for these five signs that the old method has become obsolete for your business’s needs and you are ready to go higher-tech with your checks.

Your business is ready to modernize with fully-online check printing if you’re running into problems with:

1. Time management

The more checks you have to issue, the more time you have to spend—and waste—on what can become a very laborious process. For those vendors, suppliers, clients, landlords, and services that don’t take credit card (or who pass the charges onto you), a paper check is still a common way to go. Online check printing is the perfect solution for businesses with a growing number of checks to issue because any quantity can be printed with only a few clicks from inside your account with all the necessary details pre-formatted. Printing checks from your office typically takes less than half the time needed to write them out by hand and no time at all to record because every check detail is automatically recorded and stored for you in a secure online check registry.

2. Quantity

Running out of checks is inconvenient, and continuously ordering more can get costly. If your volume of checks has increased with your business’s success, you may need to find a more economical way to get blank business checks in your hands, quickly and reliably. Online check printing is the perfect antidote to running out of checks. Tired of restocking mailing supplies, too? Checkeeper mailing service will have checks printed for you and mailed from the fulfillment center, same day, anywhere they need to go.

3. Paychecks

Your business has grown and you’ve taken on full-time workers: that’s great news. What is not so great is the complex and sometimes confusing aspects of HR management and payroll. Online payroll services are great tools for busy managers who need a little guidance with HR management and assistance calculating payroll taxes. Online check printing and mailing can be a great add-on to your payroll platform, creating customized paychecks for those employees who don’t use direct deposit. Checkeeper integrates with the most widely-used online payroll and accounting services, or it can work as a stand-alone service to print paychecks—with pay stubs—on demand and then mail them back to you or to your employees directly.

4. Space constraints

If your workspace is a small suite, a shared office, or has been downsized, you know that space is at a premium; if you’re one of the many thousands of entrepreneurs who has switched to working from home—even part of the time—you may not have a lot of room for large office equipment or supply cabinets. Online check printing and mailing is the only way to issue professional business checks without a single printing or mailing supply. Any portable device and an internet connection are all you need to get started creating fully-customized business checks (including company designs, logo and stored signature) without a pen, paper, printer, envelope, or stamp. Have Checkeeper print all your checks for you and mail them the same day with priority tracking options.

5. Organization

Most entrepreneurs are experts at something—but not everything. If bookkeeping is not your specialty, you will find that sporadic and nonsystematic management you were using before won’t be able to keep up with growing business and financial demands. If your ledgers are disorganized, some of your bills are late, your invoices are not being paid, or you don’t know exactly where your cash has been going, you are in need of an updated system: preferably one that syncs all accounting data and stored receipts for accurate reconciling and tax preparation. An online accounting service is an affordable way to get the finances in order and does not require any special IT expertise or infrastructure. A laptop and a low-cost subscription are all you need for universal, 24/7 access to your books. Online check printing and mailing through Checkeeper integrates with the most widely-used financial management programs so that your check data is synced automatically with your expense records. And when the finances become complex enough that you want to outsource to a bookkeeper? Online check printing allows you to authorize users as needed, limit their access, and track their usage so that you can share pertinent data and check-issuing permission with your bookkeeper from anywhere.