5 Reasons to Print Paychecks with Checkeeper

Mar 12, 2024
5 Reasons to Print Paychecks with Checkeeper

Whether you are new to online check printing or are a seasoned user, chances are there are features that you may have never tried. Thousands of small business owners, bookkeepers, and HR managers use online check printing to issue paychecks, as well as check payments to suppliers, vendors, landlords, and other business affiliates. If you have employees who receive their compensation by paper check, consider online check printing as a stand-alone service or as an add-on to other accounting and payroll applications.

Five reasons to start printing paychecks through Checkeeper online check printing:

1.   Your payroll software lacks check printing features

The wide availability of online payroll and accounting products makes managing HR and employee records a simpler, more streamlined affair. If an accounting or payroll software does not have its own check-printing capabilities, Checkeeper can work as a helpful addition to assist payroll for those employees who are paid by paper check. Online videos and instructions are available to help link Checkeeper with Gusto or Square, for example, to create custom paychecks with pay stubs each time you run payroll. If you don’t use an online payroll product, Checkeeper has all the features needed to work as a stand-alone software for printing custom checks on demand.

2.   You started using Gusto

Gusto offers a popular HR management software widely-used by businesses. Checkeeper can work with your Gusto application to allow you to import payroll checks into Checkeeper for simple, straightforward check printing. Checkeeper offers a prebuilt templates for Gusto users that can be modified according to user needs and preferences. Users also have the option to add a pay stub to any Checkeeper template by adding the pay stub element to the layout.

3.   You need better payroll records

All Checkeeper accounts come with access to a secure, online registry that automatically records the details of every check created. The registry is searchable on demand according to any check field when you need to track a payment or organize your records. The registry requires no manual data entry and can be accessed 24/7 wherever you are; a date-specific list or a complete check history can be printed, shared, or downloaded whenever needed.

4.   You have expanded your staff

Businesses with only a few employees can often handle their own payroll, but as your business grows and you add employees, it can be helpful to add some outside expertise and assistance. Online check printing can work as an add-on to other payroll and accounting applications, or it can work as a stand-alone service to enable you to print unlimited numbers of checks each month. Run as extensive of a payroll as you need and get paper checks in your hands instantly from a single Checkeeper account. Adding a bookkeeper to your growing staff, or working with one remotely? Online check printing features are well-known to many bookkeepers, and Checkeeper’s remote access enables remote bookkeepers to access the account from anywhere, print checks on the blank check stock she or he has available, and have the check transactions recorded automatically for both of you to access.

5.   You need paychecks mailed

Checkeeper check-mailing services are popular with businesses that need checks printed and delivered quickly. Gain back the hours you typically spend creating paychecks by having Checkeeper do it for you. Checkeeper can print your entire batch of paychecks and have them in the mail within the business day. If paychecks are for employees who work remotely, Checkeeper can print them individually, with pay stubs, and mail them to the individual home or work address for little more than the cost of a stamp and envelope. If the paychecks are for onsite workers, Checkeeper can print them in one large batch and mail them back to your office overnight to be disbursed onsite the next day. Other mailing options and tracking options are available, if needed.

Checkeeper offers efficient, streamlined service for check printing and mailing

Checkeeper offers custom check printing and mailing for businesses of all sizes and types. If you’re still writing out employee pay checks, or if you are transitioning from an old bookkeeping system to something newer and more efficient, consider adding online check printing and mailing through Checkeeper to help streamline all the bill-paying and check-issuing processes, including that for payroll.