5 Reasons Bookkeepers Should Adopt Checkeeper in 2024

Jan 9, 2024
5 Reasons Bookkeepers Should Adopt Checkeeper in 2024

If your bookkeeping business has grown over the last few years, you’re obviously doing something right. As your client list grows, so does your to-do list; more accounts to manage means that organization and efficiency become higher priorities than ever. Online check printing and mailing has been a friend to professional bookkeepers for years, but if you are new to it—or never had the volume of checks to require it before—2024 is a great year to adopt Checkeeper as your go-to solution for all your clients’ check needs.

Five benefits Checkeeper offers bookkeepers:

Manage multiple bank accounts at once

You have a lot of clients now: good for you! A unique feature Checkeeper offers users is the ability to link as many checking accounts as needed without any additional fees, tiers, or logins required.

Use different check stocks

Your clients likely have a lot of their own unique bookkeeping needs, and they may not all use the same check stock. Checkeeper works with any paper to create legally-viable checks, and Checkeeper automatically formats routing and account numbers in the the MICR-encoded font recognized by bank computers. No matter which type of check stock each client prefers, one Checkeeper account is all you need to get each check designed and printed.

Customize checks for each client

Just because you handle payments for multiple businesses does not mean that they all appear the same. The Checkeeper template allows you to brand each check with an uploaded color logo and other preferred design features that match the client’s company marketing. Checkeeper’s template is also flexible enough to allow you to adjust check elements, add line items particular to client needs, and move check fields around to accommodate the overall design.

Run payroll more efficiently

Checkeeper integrates with many accounting software products used by bookkeepers and accountants, which means less data entry, less paperwork, and fewer errors. Checkeeper can work as an add-on to payroll software that does not have check printing features. Checkeeper integrates with Gusto, Square, QuickBooks Online, and other products, or it can work as a stand-alone service for printing high-quality, professional paychecks for those employees who are paid by paper check.

Use your time wisely

The time spent addressing and stuffing envelopes is likely better spent on account management work. Checkeeper has all the supplies and equipment to print and mail checks quickly, and it continues to be a reliable outsourcing choice for thousands of businesses and bookkeepers. Order your checks to be printed at the Checkeeper fulfillment center and have them in the mail—same business day—according to the priority mailing speed of your choice. No printing or mailing supplies are needed from you, and more of your time is your own again.

Checkeeper offers improved accuracy with less work

Checkeeper is the ideal solution for busy bookkeepers who are growing their businesses and want to spend more time managing and recruiting clients—not doing paperwork. Checkeeper does not touch your clients’ funds or move their money into separate bank accounts: it simply offers a template for creating professional, customized checks on demand that have all the features banks require for cashing and depositing. Checkeeper can be tried for free and then adopted on an ongoing basis, with a cancel-anytime subscription. One monthly price gives you:

·       Unlimited checks each month

·       Unlimited linked checking accounts

·       Customizable features to make each check unique

·       Direct conversion of bills to checks

·       HIPAA and GDPR security compliance

·       24/7 remote access

·       A secure, online registry that stores a complete history of every check created

·       Four priority mailing options from which to select

·       Complete check printing and mailing outsourcing services

Bookkeepers with a growing business and multiple client accounts to manage should adopt Checkeeper for 2024 to improve accuracy, enhance efficiency, and gain more of their hours back.