4 Ways Online Check Printing Can Improve Your Business Prospects This Year

Jul 14, 2023

Online check printing is used by thousands of companies and organizations that want to save time, cut costs, and streamline the bookkeeping for the most efficient financial management possible. If your business is looking to transition to a faster, more economical way to issue check payments, consider some ways online check printing can enhance and improve aspects of your business:

Online check printing improves security

Online check printing adds security to your check-issuing process because it works on demand and never requires you to store somewhere in your office blank, ready-to-use business checks that could be misappropriated. Checkeeper accounts are HIPAA-compliant, SSL-encrypted, and password protected. Checkeeper safeguards your account and follows up-to-date account and data security protocols, including:

Bank-level encryption

Multiple data backups per day

HIPAA and GDPR compliance

Deletion of printed images after processing

Online check printing makes remote work more efficient

If you have employees who work remotely or a virtual bookkeeper who works offsite to assist with the bookkeeping and bill-paying, you need a system that allows universal and 24/7 access to financial tools. Bookkeepers are already very familiar with online check printing and the convenience and efficiency it offers. Checkeeper integrates with the most widely-used accounting, payment, and payroll software products that most bookkeepers are already using, so the bookkeeping is streamlined and financial data kept up-to-date in real time across multiple channels.

Even if you and your employees work from an office, there are likely times you need to work from home or times your business takes you on the road. Whether it is a local commute to a client’s office or a long-distance business trip for a meeting or conference, no payment due date need ever be missed. Once you’ve experienced the versatile, mobile convenience of online check printing and mailing, you will not want to give it up. Have checks printed and mailed on your behalf from wherever you are traveling or working without any supplies needed on your end.

Online check printing gives you back your time

Doesn’t everyone need more time? Doesn’t every busy entrepreneur wish there were more hours in the day and fewer of them had to be spent on routine, recurring tasks that deplete energy and divert attention from business-expanding tasks, like boosting sales, making new hires, improving marketing, and developing better products? Bookkeeping is not the most glamorous of business responsibilities, but it is one of the most important if you want your business to thrive in the long term. Paying your suppliers, your utilities, your refund-eligible clients, and your employees is vital to your financial management, and all of those jobs take far less time when you do them with online check printing and mailing. Checkeeper can do most or all of the work for you so that your time is yours again. Create customized, professional checks in just a few clicks from within your Checkeeper account and have them in the mail that same business day. You don’t even need to record them in a registry because Checkeeper’s cloud-based system does it all for you. It also integrates with most accounting, payroll, and payment systems, including QuickBooks Online, Xero, FreshBooks, Square, Gusto, and more.  Checkeeper offers complete check printing, mailing, recording, and integrating for optimal financial management in the least amount of time.

Online check printing keeps business owners in control

No matter how many employees have access to the books, online check printing through Checkeeper allows you to delegate the work while still maintaining financial control. You can set user permissions to allow authorized employees to issue check payments when needed; you can also limit user permissions according to your bookkeeping needs and security preferences. And Checkeeper never touches your funds directly. The online check printing platform enables you to customize, print, and mail checks, but it does not tamper with your checking account or redirect your money to a separate one.

For years, online check printing has been saving business owners time and money while reducing errors and improving efficiency. Checkeeper offers on-demand check printing from the convenience of your home or office in very little time; when you need to save even more time, Checkeeper can have your necessary bill payments, paychecks, or other time-sensitive payments printed and in the mail within a day. There are many priority mailing options to choose from, and none of them require a printer, pen, stamp, or post office visit from you.