Writing Checks in 2020

Tyler Atkinson
Aug 18, 2020
Writing Checks in 2020

Checks may be an old-school payment method, but that's not to say they don't have their place in the world today. Here are a few reasons why, even in 2020, check writing is still a useful financial practice.

No Convenience Fees

Some companies will charge an extra processing fee or “convenience” fee for payments that are made electronically, but when you pay with a personal check, it’s free.

Elevated Security

If your wallet is ever lost or stolen, you'll likely have to kiss your cash goodbye and cancel all your credit or debit cards. But checks require a signature, and cashiers are typically required to check your ID to verify your name and signature match those on the check. If you use an online check writing software like Checkeeper, it’s even more secure because you’re not carrying around a checkbook with all your personal and banking information printed on it.

Sometimes, checks are best.

In some cases, writing a check may be not only the best way, but the only way to make a payment. Most landlords and real estate companies will only accept a check for down payments, deposits, and rent payments, and a lot of small businesses still don’t accept debit or credit card payments. Writing a check may also be the easiest solution for situations like paying taxes or earnest money.

Writing checks may not always be your go-to method of payment, but there are situations when they come in handy, even today. You don’t even have to go to the bank or have access to a checkbook these days. With Checkeeper, you can create and print checks without ever leaving your home, and you don’t even need any special paper or fancy ink. Want to learn more? Click here to read about writing checks the better way.