No Special Paper, No Fancy Ink, No Complicated Software

Tyler Atkinson
Aug 11, 2020
No Special Paper, No Fancy Ink, No Complicated Software

We're asked about it every day, and perhaps that's because it's almost too good to be true. But you read it right– no special paper, no fancy ink, and no complicated software. With Checkeeper, you can print checks from your own home or office printer without buying any special check paper or fancy MICR toner. "How could check printing be so easy," you ask? Read on, and we'll show you how.

Design Your Checks Using Our Template Editor

Create and save however many templates you need using our template editor. Just click and drag preset elements over to make it your own in seconds. Then access them all later under the Templates tab.

Create a New Check Under the Registry Tab

When you're ready to print your check, go to your Registry and click "Create New Check." Under the check template dropdown arrow, you can scroll through all the templates you've created and then personalize it with specific information like payee, amount, and check number.

Just Click "Print"

Once you're happy with the way everything looks on your check, just click "Print." The check image will print onto your plain copy paper, and you can mail or deposit it right away. The back of the check won't have any endorsement line or security screen, but it doesn't have to--just sign the end you would normally sign (the end opposite of the signature line on the front of the check), and you're good to go.

If you'd like to use actual check stock or MICR toner for a higher security check experience, that's perfectly okay. But there you have it– no fancy paper or ink required– just a Checkeeper account and a printer.

Interested in printing checks the better way but don't have a printer? Try our fulfillment services and leave the printing and mailing to us.