Check Fulfillment - A Quick Guide

Sep 19, 2018
Check Fulfillment - A Quick Guide

So, you've decided to simplify your life and have your checks printed and mailed for you. Good for you! Now, what? Below are the basic steps to getting started with our fulfillment services where Checkeeper will both print and mail your checks!

Step 1: Create a Checkeeper account

You can do this by visiting; select 'Check Fulfillment', then 'Create Your Account.' We offer a free trial!

*If you already have a Checkeeper account, great! Proceed to Step 2.

Once your account is created, you will receive a verification email. After you click the verification link, you will be prompted to login with your email and password that you created.

Step 2: Securely add your banking information and signature

Click on 'Account' and scroll down to 'Fulfillment Services.' Here you can securely enter banking information including routing and bank account numbers along with an authorized signature.

'Add Bank Info' accesses both fields, while 'Manage Signature' edits the signature only.

Step 3: Purchase credits

You need credits to use the Checkeeper Fulfillment Services. One (1) credit is used to mail (1) check with the USPS. These can be purchased in small to large increments depending on the amount of checks needed.

*Postal rates fluctuate, so our rates may change without notice. Check out our pricing page HERE.

Step 4: Create your checks to be mailed

Follow the 'Create New Check' link to fill out Payee, Address, Amount, and Check number.  A Memo field is included for your bookkeeping, also. Your signature and bank info will automatically populate. So easy! And don't worry if you mess up, you can edit and delete as many times as you need before you send it on its way.

Step 5: Mail It!

Congratulations! You are ready to mail your check. You will have a final chance to review before sending so don't sweat it! When you are satisfied with the final version click 'Mail Check Now."

Make sure to review all the information to make sure it is correct! 

Now watch the magic as your check is whisked away to the Checkeeper offices where it is printed, stamped, and mailed first class to its destination.

After your order is placed you will be able to view a check's live status updates which include:

Pending - waiting for the printer queue to pick up the job

Printed - your check has printed

Mailed - your check has been enveloped and given to the USPS for delivery

Now, go relax. You deserve it! will be here waiting for you the next time you need us.