Why Online Check Printing is a Friend to Bookkeepers

Apr 17, 2024
Why Online Check Printing is a Friend to Bookkeepers

Bookkeepers have long known the convenience and efficiency of online check printing. Checkeeper was designed with bookkeepers, accountants, financial managers, and business owners in mind. Online check printing and mailing eases some of the payment burdens for bookkeepers, improves the accuracy of their records, and offers mailing services to make sure bill payments for many clients are all kept up-to-date.

Checkeeper is an asset to financial management because it enables bookkeepers to:

If you have to print checks each day for various clients, it helps to have a secure, easy-to-use template from which to manage them all. Create as many check templates as needed to accommodate your client list, and change the account numbers, routing numbers, and contact info on checks as often as needed. Cloud-based and mobile-optimized, Checkeeper makes it easy for bookkeepers to manage all their client accounts from one universally-accessible template.

Use various check stocks

Bookkeepers whose clients all use a different check stock appreciate how versatile and adaptable the Checkeeper template is. Checkeeper works with any check stock and layout that is on the market, and it can even print checks on plain, blank paper if no special check paper or format is preferred. Checkeeper can also print invoice tables, pay stubs, and other documentation that you want to accompany your business checks.

Upload each client’s logo for customized marketing

Just because bookkeepers are sending out checks for lots of clients simultaneously does not mean all the checks must appear the same. Checkeeper offers a check-printing template that allows unlimited unique checks to be created and printed from the same account. Save as many color logos, signatures, and design images as needed to place onto the appropriate check so that all checks appear as though they originated from the client office directly.

Have checks mailed automatically to vendors or back to client offices

When you have lots of checks all headed to different places, Checkeeper check mailing is a bookkeeper’s time-saving ally. Order your needed checks to be printed and mailed for you, same business day. Checks ordered before 4pm EST can be in the mail that day according to the priority delivery speed of your choice. For bill payments that need to go to various individual vendors and suppliers, single-check mailing via first class mail is the most convenient and affordable way to go. For larger batches of checks that have to go back to the client’s business directly, such as checks for payroll, Checkeeper offers batch-mailing options that allow you to upload a CSV file with all the pertinent check details and have the checks automatically printed and bundled into a single order to be sent back to your client for disbursement. For those times an unusually large check order is needed, like for customer rebates or refunds, Checkeeper offers high-volume custom check solutions that can have hundreds or thousands of checks printed and mailed for you.

Record check transactions in an online registry to share with an accountant

Instead of manually recording each check payment created—which is a process prone to error, oversight, and omission—bookkeepers take advantage of Checkeeper’s cloud registry that automatically saves the details of each check created. Need to research a payment, double-check an amount, or settle a dispute? The Checkeeper registry can be searched according to any check field or any date range. When it’s time to close the books for the year, bookkeepers have instant access to the entire check history and can print, download, or transmit to an accountant or client.

Whether a bookkeeper has one client or hundreds, Checkeeper can handle all the check printing and mailing needs with fully-customized, professional checks that can be printed instantly or created for you and in the mail before the end of the day.