User-Friendly Alternatives to Discontinued Check Services

Apr 10, 2024
User-Friendly Alternatives to Discontinued Check Services

When a software or service that you’ve relied on for years for financial management is suddenly discontinued or becomes unavailable, you’re left in a position to find a quick replacement. But not just anything will do. While expediency is necessary so that payroll and payment obligations are not disrupted, accuracy, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness must also be considered. You also want to make sure a new program you adopt works compatibly with other accounting, payment, or payroll products you already use. With little time to research everything on the market, industry reputations and referrals from trusted partners can help make the decision easier.

Cloud-based financial tools offer user-friendly alternatives to discontinued products for AP and check services

Former users of AvidXchange, Secure32, and other check-printing services have found that there's not always a lot of time to train themselves and their employees on a complicated new software to replace the old. User-friendliness, easy navigation, quick training, and good customer support are essential to finding something in an emergency that users can actually stick with for the long term.

Checkeeper has been the go-to solution for many clients who have lost access to their usual check-printing providers. One reason people love Checkeeper so much is that it is extremely easy to use, so it can be adopted quickly by everyone and used across multiple devices simultaneously. Checkeeper offers a cloud-based check-printing software that requires little-to-no training because it comes with:

· An intuitive, easy-to-navigate platform

· Prompt customer support

· Online videos and instructions for specific check printing and mailing features

· Automatic recording in an online registry for minimal data entry

· Automatic IT updates and security that is handled for you

· Multiple-user access

· Unlimited options for layout, design, and added check elements

· Accessibility on any device, with no special equipment needs

· Complete outsourcing options for users who lack the time (or interest) in printing their own checks

Business owners want to use reliable products for financial management that they don’t have to think too much about or worry over. Consider some situations in which business owners have adopted Checkeeper quickly and then continued to use the product for years beyond:

The in-house accounting program lacked the needed check-printing options

Cloud-based accounting software has come a long way to help business of all types and sizes manage their finances more accurately and efficiently. Not all of them come with their own built-in features for customizing unique business checks. For those times when a paper check is needed or preferred, business owners and bookkeepers are glad to have the option to create a customized, professional check instantly, and right from their office printer. Checkeeper integrates with many widely-used financial and accounting tools, and it also works as a stand-alone service for all check printing and mailing needs.

The AP service they were using discontinued options for custom check printing

New software products for business management come on the market all the time—and sometimes they exit the market for good. Many business owners and bookkeepers who were using AvidXchange or another phased-out check software have found Checkeeper to be a fast and reliable replacement, allowing users to create custom business checks and keep the needed check payments up-to-date.

Their financial service suffered a data breach

Cyber hacks and data breaches can cause a service to shut down, and when that occurs, users are often left scrambling to find a substitute while the regular service is being restored. Checkeeper has stepped in numerous times over the last few years to aid businesses and organizations during emergency shutdowns so that payroll and bill-paying could continue uninterrupted. Since Checkeeper is offered as a month-to-month subscription with no long-term contract, users have the freedom to use the service for as long or as short a term as they choose. Many users who start the free trial find that they appreciate the value and easy access that Checkeeper offers, and they become permanent Checkeepers.

The in-house check printing couldn’t handle a high volume

Printing your own checks from your office or home is simple and saves time. But for those times when you have a large volume of checks that need to go out promptly, Checkeeper can step in and take all the work off your desk. Checkeeper offers complete check printing and mailing options so that customer rebates, client refunds, employee reimbursements, legal settlement checks, or other high-volume check orders can be fulfilled quickly and accurately. A call or email to Checkeeper can get you a custom quote for a large or time-sensitive order.

Checkeeper offers the most user-friendly, easy-to-navigate check printing software available. For both fast adoption in an emergency and for long-term payment solutions, bookkeepers and financial managers repeatedly turn to Checkeeper.