4 Additional Business Costs that Checkeeper Can Help Reduce

Feb 15, 2024
4 Additional Business Costs that Checkeeper Can Help Reduce

Checkeeper helps keep costs down in a myriad of ways. Printing your own custom checks is both more professional than ordering standard bank checks, and also more affordable. Checks are printed on demand, eliminating the wait for business checks to arrive in the mail as well as the costly waste of having boxes of unusable checks every time your business changes locations, banks, or accounts. Online check printing and mailing through Checkeeper saves money in other ways, too. Consider four business expenses beyond checks that can be reduced when you start printing your own checks with Checkeeper:

Equipment and supply costs

A unique feature of online check printing through Checkeeper is that users can print checks using any printer they own, on any paper they choose. While high-quality check stock is preferable when trying to achieve optimal professionalism, any paper—even plain white paper—will do. Checks printed through Checkeeper are automatically formatted in the MICR-encoded font that bank computers recognize, so no special printer, toner, or ink is needed. Want to cut down on supply and equipment costs even further? Have your checks printed for you by Checkeeper and placed in the mail according to the delivery speed of your choice. Checks printed by Checkeeper are printed entirely in MICR ink and can be in the mail within the business day; they require no special equipment, printing supplies, or mailing items from you; you don’t even need a pen. Since Checkeeper is cloud-based, it is not device-specific and can be accessed from any internet-capable device or set of devices you already own. Save money on special equipment and supply restocking by outsourcing your check printing and mailing to Checkeeper.

Bookkeeping costs

Checkeeper is a bookkeeper’s friend, and many bookkeepers, accountants, and office workers responsible for financial management are already familiar with the benefits of online check printing and mailing. Checkeeper is a vital tool for small business owners, regardless of whether they handle all the books themselves or outsource the bookkeeping to a virtual bookkeeper or assistant. Checkeeper saves bookkeepers time and money through:

· Automatic recording of every check detail

The fully-searchable registry can instantly locate any check according to date, payee, check number, invoice number, amount, memo, or any other check field, thus saving time and reducing errors for bookkeepers.

· Integration with other programs

Checkeeper works as a stand-alone service for all your check printing and mailing needs, or it can integrate with many of the popular accounting and payroll software commonly used by small businesses so that payment data entered in Checkeeper can be reflected and updated in the other programs.

· Remote access for part-time and remote bookkeepers

Don’t have the budget for a full-time bookkeeping hire or an onsite staff? Checkeeper is cloud-based, so it can be accessed by you or a part-time, virtual bookkeeper at any time, from any location.

IT costs

Online software has come a long way in offering small companies services without requiring extensive IT knowledge or in-house departments. The Checkeeper templates are accessible online so that there is no software to purchase, download, troubleshoot, or update. All security and maintenance are handled for you, and you can access your account on as many computers and mobile devices as you choose.

Office space leasing costs

Choose the office space that suits your needs and budget without having to get a large space to accommodate a lot of equipment, printers, and storage cabinets. Checkeeper can work wherever you do: small spaces, shared or co-working spaces, home offices, client locations, and even your vehicle. Outsource your check printing and mailing to Checkeeper and never buy another printing or mailing supply for your checks again; Checkeeper can print and mail your needed checks and have them in the mail at the priority speed of your choosing—no envelopes, check stock, stamps, or printer toner needed from you.