Sharing Office Space to Save Money

Dec 9, 2022
Sharing Office Space to Save Money

Everyone is looking for ways to trim costs this year, and small business and startups are no different. Recent looks into small business trends show that while many companies have called back remote workers, hybrid working is still popular and continuously evolving. One way solopreneurships and businesses with very small staffs have adjusted to hybrid work among skyrocketing costs is to share office space with other companies. If a small company does not require office space and equipment five days each week, time-sharing an office can be an economical solution.

Time-sharing office space allows one business to lease an office for certain days of the week—giving them full access to equipment, desks, telecommunications, and reception services (if available) on those designated days—while another business uses the same resources on the off-days. This flexible arrangement allows multiple companies to split leasing costs with other businesses that are also in need of part-time physical office space.

Office-sharing is not a viable solution for every kind of business, but for small ventures with only a few employees or for businesses whose services are completed largely offsite anyway, sharing the equipment, utility costs, rent payments, and office furniture can be a great cost-saving measure.

Cloud-based software for shared offices

Sharing space with one or more other businesses means that each day you must take out everything you brought in; nothing can be left in drawers, on desks, or in break rooms for the next group. Therefore, even though you have a physical space, you still have to adopt a mobile mindset. If your business is exploring cutting down on space and opting for a part-time office leasing arrangement, cloud-based tools can go a long way in making the transition smooth so that your business can be as portable as it needs to be.

Space saving technology

Cloud software doesn’t take up physical space. Unlike device-specific downloads and software packages, cloud-based tools go with you when you leave the office. A portable device is all you need. Online services that offer cloud-based tech solutions for administrative and bookkeeping work routinely provide all the updating and maintenance for you, so no IT staff or expertise is needed.

Accessible from anywhere

Cloud software can be accessed from anywhere you have an internet connection so there is no interruption between your in-office days and at-home days. Your employees, too, can maintain seamless, real-time access to any and all accounts you authorize regardless of where they are working.

Online check printing and mailing for better space management

Online check printing is a cloud-based financial management tool that any company can use but is especially helpful for office-space-sharing companies for whom overnight storage of supplies is not an option. While you can print professional business checks on any printer available, you can also opt to have your checks printed and mailed for you through your account so that you don’t need any supplies at all: no paper, printer, check stock, ledger, pen, envelope, or stamp! Nothing at all—just your device.

Checkeeper goes anywhere you go and can bring your checks to you

Checkeeper’s online check printing and mailing is the ideal add-on to cloud accounting and bookkeeping tools for a time-sharing office because it requires virtually no supplies on the user’s end. Use the available printer and any paper you want—or, to minimize supplies even more—have Checkeeper print and mail checks for you so that you don’t need to bring in a single office supply. Checks created at the Checkeeper fulfillment center can be mailed the same day through one of three options: first class mail, priority mail (with tracking number); overnight mail (with tracking number). If you have a large batch of checks, you can order them through your account and have them mailed back to you at a mailing location of your choice. If your office is only part-time, you may opt to have them mailed to your home, or, if preferable, mail them to each individual payee listed on the check.  An account and your device are all that’s needed.