9 Questions to Ask Before Signing up with a Check Printing Service

Sep 21, 2022
9 Questions to Ask Before Signing up with a Check Printing Service

There are a lot of online tech tools for businesses that claim to help with the bookkeeping; sorting through them to find the right one for your business can be challenging, especially if you’re not sure of all the features needed and available. When comparing check printing products on the market, some key questions to ask in order to evaluate and choose the right one:

1. Is it cloud based?

If you want to get away from costly software purchases and downloads that require frequent updating on your end and are relegated to a single device, online services may be a better option. Cloud-based software services offer universal accessibility, can be used by multiple devices at once, and are automatically updated and backed up off site.

2. Does it have integrations with other apps?

More and more financial services for businesses are offering integration options so that their data can transition seamlessly into whatever system or products you are currently using. Check printing software that works compatibly with your online accounting and/or payroll products allow the bookkeeping to be streamlined through programs that are updated across all channels in real time, requiring minimal data entry.

3. Is it user friendly?

One of the biggest reasons—after cost—that business owners cite for reluctance to adopt tech tools is the perception that they are too complicated or sophisticated for the average non-tech savvy person to manage. To the contrary, check printing software products are surprisingly straightforward and easy to use; the best product to sign up for is one that also has good customer support services for those times questions come up.

4. Is there a free trial?

Having the option to try new products out before committing means you don’t have to worry about investing heavily in software that never gets used. Free trials—followed by low-cost, low-commitment subscription options when the free trial ends—are good indicators that a check printing company stands firmly behind its product.

5. Will its services scale with my company?

While you may only have a few monthly transactions at first, your business is likely to grow, and with it, the number of payments you’ll need to accept and issue. Financial software products that can accommodate businesses of any size mean that you won’t need to continuously change products every time you increase your client base or take on new employees. Choose products that accommodate businesses of varying sizes for optimal flexibility and growth. Check printing that allows an unlimited number of transactions (even from multiple checking accounts) means you won't have to worry about exhausting or outgrowing the service.

6. Is it secure?

Data security is a big concern now as online hacks and fraud schemes have become pervasive. Check printing and mailing need to be secure as well. Making sure data is encrypted and backed up and that sensitive data is not stored for longer than necessary enhance the security of the transactions.

7. Are the templates customizable?

Your checks are marketing tools and communication tools as well as financial documents. They contribute to your company’s overall branding with every single transaction. Having business checks that contain your customized company logo and professional design elements communicates a high level of professionalism while also optimizing a marketing opportunity.

8. Does the service have mailing options?

Checks printed on demand take very little time, but you may not always be near a printer. Business owners who work from multiple locations or on-the-go shouldn’t have to wait until they get to an office to issue a check. Checkeeper offers full-service, same-day mailing options that allow you to order your checks and have them printed and mailed on your behalf for little more than the cost of a stamp and envelope.

9. Does it authorize multiple users?

You may do all the bookkeeping yourself when your business starts out, but as your time becomes more and more drained, it may make sense to take on some help. Check printing software that has universal access from your devices—including mobile access—and that allows you to authorize multiple users makes check issuing very convenient and secure. Checkeeper allows you to limit the features to designated users, as well, so that you have full control over how your payments are handled.