Check Payments Made Simple

Aug 11, 2022
Check Payments Made Simple

Billions of paper checks are issued each year. And while American workers have multiple options for how they might choose to receive financial compensation for their labor, there are still workers who receive their payments on paper. For the many workers who aren’t paid on a regular pay schedule, get paid by many different clients, have multiple bank accounts, or are working freelance and side gigs, paper checks may still be the preferred option. Checks are familiar, secure, traceable, and easily recorded for simplified bookkeeping. Even with all the digital banking options available, there are still some instances when workers and business owners prefer paper paychecks:

They don’t have direct deposit

Direct deposit is an expedient and popular way to receive compensation, but not every worker uses it. If you have employees who do not want to share their personal banking information or who do not use a single checking account regularly, you need to be able to pay them with a paper paycheck. Checkeeper’s online check printing software allows you print a single check on demand or multiple checks at one time from the convenience of your office for those workers who don’t have direct deposit.

They are not on a payroll schedule

Many American workers are in business for themselves or perform freelance services that can be sporadic, seasonal, or subject to irregular billing. Paper checks are the most reliable and convenient way to pay contract workers who provide services and support to your business. They are also an expedient way to pay seasonal employees who are contracted on short-term bases. Checkeeper’s mailing service can have the payment checks you need printed for you and mailed on your behalf directly to the homes or offices of your freelance and part-time workers with no printing or mailing supplies needed on your end. All issued checks are automatically registered and can be searched and retrieved at any time for accurate, up-to-date bookkeeping.

Your payroll provider suffered a disruption

Outsourcing payroll to large firms is a convenience that carries risks. Unfortunately, hacks and data breaches are becoming increasingly common, and an attack on a payroll HR firm could hold up your employees’ paychecks for weeks or months while security issues are being rectified. In the meantime, your employees need to be paid for their work. Having an online check printing software available is a great backup for those times a payroll service provider has suffered a shut down or disruption. Checkeeper enables you to print as many checks as needed, as often as needed, and for as long as needed, right from your office until your regular payroll system is restored.

Checkeeper integrates with Gusto

Gusto handles HR and payroll services for thousands of companies. Checkeeper works compatibly with Gusto for those occasions you need a printed payroll check. Linking Checkeeper to Gusto is simple and support is available if you need it. You can use the pre-built check template provided, or you can modify the template to create customized checks. You can opt to print the needed checks yourself or to have Checkeeper print and mail them for you.

Paper paychecks are still around, and they may be the preferred choice of workers who want to keep their banking information private, as well as those who don’t use a single checking account regularly or who receive payments from a lot of different sources. Businesses that employ a lot of seasonal or part-time employees with varying schedules often find printed checks the most convenient and accurate way to issue payment. Checkeeper can create customized paychecks for as many—or as few—employees as needed; Checkeeper is accessible from anywhere you happen to be working and can streamline the payroll process on either a short-term or permanent basis. All checks issued through the system are recorded and easily searched for account reconciling and efficient bookkeeping. If you have many checks to print at one time, Checkeeper can print and mail them for you for additional time savings: each check can be mailed individually to its designated address, or all checks can be mailed overnight in one large batch directly to your office for later distribution.