Things You Won’t Need When You Switch to Online Check Printing

Dec 18, 2023
Things You Won’t Need When You Switch to Online Check Printing

Online check printing has been cutting costs and improving efficiency for thousands and thousands of small business owners. While most businesses take advantage of multiple payment options, there are times when a traditional paper check is the preferred and economical way to go. Writing checks from a bank-ordered checkbook is not as efficient or as professional as issuing custom business checks directly from your office, complete with company logo, stylistic elements, custom formatting, and attached invoice tables.

Switching to online check printing could not be easier—everything you need, you likely already have. Here are a few things you won’t need:

A big budget

Online check printing offers a high level of convenience at a price any business can afford. Unlike some software services that require contracts, or that offer complicated tier service options with lots of hidden fees, Checkeeper offers a free trial and a low monthly subscription that can be canceled anytime. Print unlimited checks from unlimited checking accounts for the same cost: no upselling, pricey add-ons, or activation fees. One account does it all. Need mailing options? For little more than the price of a stamp and envelope, Checkeeper will print your checks for you and put them in the mail at the priority mailing speed of your choice.

IT hires

One of the best features of many cloud-based software products for businesses is that they come with their own built-in support services, free of charge. Checkeeper offers a cloud-based, mobile-optimized check printing service that can be accessed from anywhere you can get a connection. Checkeeper handles all the website maintenance, updates, and security enhancements for you. Checkeeper is not device-specific, so you can authorize access for as many employees as you need without having to download or transfer multiple products to all your computers. Concerned about account security and compliances? Checkeeper uses up-to-date security protocols to protect your data. Learn more about it here.

Special equipment

You no longer need to make costly infrastructure investments to access some of the best financial management tools for business. Checkeeper enables you to print checks on the office printer you already own, using the check stock of your preference. Any printer you have is the right one; any check stock you choose is the right choice. Don’t have a printer? Use Checkeeper’s. Checkeeper can print your checks for you from their fulfillment site and mail them back to you or to their designated recipients, all within a single business day. Use Checkeeper mailing services, and ditch not only your printer and paper, but the envelopes and stamps, as well. Checkeeper prints all checks in the MICR ink that bank computers recognize for better security and faster processing.

A lot of time

When you need a few checks quickly, the Checkeeper platform can have them printed and in your hands in a few clicks. But if you find yourself in need of hundreds or thousands of checks, printing them onsite may pose too big a drain on your time and energy. Checkeeper can handle high-volume check orders for those times when thousands of checks need to be issued for customer refunds, rebates, or client reimbursements. Checkeeper serves businesses of all sizes and types and can get you a custom arrangement for an unusually high volume of needed checks.

Switching to Checkeeper

Make the switch to Checkeeper online check printing and mailing for your business. You don’t need much; here’s what you will need to get started:

·       A checking account

·       An internet-ready device

·       A Checkeeper account

Upload an image of your preferred check stock and move around the check fields as needed for perfect formatting. Add your color business logo and any other image or background that suits your branding strategy. Include invoice tables, pay stubs, or other attachments for simplified bookkeeping and enhanced professionalism.