Same-day Check Printing and Mailing to Avoid Late Fees

Dec 6, 2023
Same-day Check Printing and Mailing to Avoid Late Fees

When the bookkeeping gets delayed, neglected, or hastily done, bills don’t always get paid on time. This can lead to late fees and potential interest charges that put a strain on the budget. Want to avoid unnecessary or excessive late fees? Use online check printing with same-day mailing to take the work off your desk and keep more money in your pocket.

Bills piling up? Checkeeper offers complete check printing and mailing services that help your business stay on top of bills for maximum on-time payments. The benefits to outsourcing your check printing and mailing to Checkeeper are many:

Letting the bills accumulate so that you can take care of them all at once may seem like a time-saving system, but if the pile of unpaid bills becomes too unwieldy, you’ll have to spend half the day sorting through them, issuing payments, and preparing them for mailing. Checkeeper prints and mails checks all day, and can take on your check order—no matter how large or small—and have your needed checks printed and in the mail by the end of the business day. Check orders placed before 4pm EST will go out that same business day. Need special handling for overnight and 2nd day payments that cannot go through the regular US Mail? Don’t spend extra time tracking down a UPS store; let Checkeeper take it there for you: Checkeeper offers four priority mailing options (with tracking, if needed) so that you know your urgent or imminently-due payment is on its way quickly.

Hold onto the money a bit longer

One benefit of paying bills by check is that they take a few days to travel, process, and clear. Unlike a lot of electronic payments that are processed immediately, checks allow you to hold the money in your account for a bit, boosting cash flow and providing opportunities to earn interest.

Pay no hidden fees

Online check printing through Checkeeper has none of the hidden or surprise fees that are inherent to many online payment options. One Checkeeper account is all you need to unlock unlimited check design features, unlimited number of printed checks, and unlimited number of linked checking accounts. Pay all your bills from as many different checking accounts as needed without worrying about costly extras or add-ons. For little more than the price of a stamp and envelope, Checkeeper will print and mail each check for you.

Record your check history automatically

Writing out the check and mailing it are just part of the bill-paying process; you also need to record each transaction in order to maintain accurate records for reconciling, expense tracking, and eventual tax preparation. You also need records in case of a disputed payment or third-party error. Checkeeper takes on the work of maintaining a check registry automatically by providing each user with a secure, online check registry that records each check detail and can be searched by any check field. When you need to close the books for the year and transfer records to your accountant, your entire Checkeeper history can be downloaded, printed, or exported easily.

Covert bills to checks

When bills are due soon—seemingly too soon—you want to waste as little time as possible. Printing your own checks through Checkeeper software cuts down on the time needed; save additional time by converting bills to checks automatically by linking your Xero or Odoo account directly to Checkeeper and importing the invoices for quick payment. Checkeeper will convert the bills to check payments you can print and mail yourself or have Checkeeper print and mail for you. Multiple payments to the same recipient can be automatically combined into a single check and sent with an attached invoice table that breaks down the totals, ultimately creating more seamless, streamlined bookkeeping with less paperwork.

Checkeeper does not touch your funds

Be cautious about companies that want access to your funds or want to move your money into their own accounts. Checkeeper software allows you to create and customize checks while keeping you in control of your own funds. Checkeeper does not touch or remove your money; it simply provides the templates, cloud storage, and MICR-encoded font needed to create legally-viable checks from the convenience of your home or office. And when bill payments are due promptly, Checkeeper’s same-day mailing service can get your checks printed and in the mail with greater speed and fewer hassles than your office can typically do it.