Professional Checks for Side Businesses and Solopreneurs

Feb 21, 2024
Professional Checks for Side Businesses and Solopreneurs

Even if a business is just a part-time side gig or a solo business serving a small, local region, appearing professional and credible are vital to creating a lasting, lucrative venture. There are always budget-friendly ways to enhance the overall professionalism of a company, even if that company is a small business, side business, microbusiness, or solopreneurship. Business checks—communication tools as well as financial instruments—offer unique opportunities for enhanced professionalism.

Looking to elevate printed business checks for increased credibility and a little extra branding? Some tips for small and solo business owners who want to make their business checks look their best:

Use check-printing software

Online check printing can enhance the professionalism of business checks, even for small companies, microbusinesses, and solopreneurships. Checkeeper offers online check printing software that has been adding that extra professional touch to self-printed checks for thousands of companies, bookkeepers, and business managers over the years with customizable check templates that can be designed to complement a company’s overall marketing style and tone. Checkeeper offers unlimited design possibilities and can work with any type of checks stock you prefer. The Checkeeper software is cloud-based, offering universal accessibility and on-demand check printing regardless of when and where you work.

Buy premium-quality check stock

A great feature of online check printing through Checkeeper is that it can work with any check stock available on the market. While some programs can only work with a specific check layout, Checkeeper is not limited or limiting. Checkeeper templates can be customized to accommodate check-on-top, -bottom, or center layout, and it can print invoice tables and pay stubs to accompany checks. While Checkeeper can print your checks on any paper you have—even plain, white paper—using high-quality check stock for your custom designed checks gives your payment a more professional and credible appearance.

Add your color logo and branding images

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to place your logo and reinforce your brand on your checks. Connect your business to ideas of money and spread brand awareness by customizing your checks to work compatibly with other marketing materials. Checkeeper can upload your color company logo, as well as specialized images, fonts, designs, and backgrounds that make your business stand apart. Use each check as an opportunity to communicate professionalism and reinforce brand awareness among every supplier, client, contractor, and affiliate you have to pay.

Promote your business

Make the most of your check mailing options by including documentation and promotional material to further reinforce your brand. Checkeeper enables attachments and enclosures with each check mailed, which simplifies the bookkeeping process, while also taking advantage of additional marketing opportunities.

Have bills converted directly to checks with bundled totals and invoice tables

Instead of printing multiple checks to the same vendor or contractor, consolidate your bills and have them converted into a single payment for mailing. Having to compute and reconcile multiple invoices for the same company leads to errors, payment omissions, and duplicate payments, all of which create bookkeeping headaches later and look very unprofessional to clients, peers, and affiliates. Checkeeper enables users to import invoices to convert directly into check payments with bundled totals and attached invoice tables. Save time, improve accuracy, and enhance professionalism by having your unpaid invoices converted directly into check payments that have all the documentation automatically attached.

Outsource the printing and mailing

Your time is valuable: get more of it back by outsourcing your check printing and mailing for optimal professionalism in the least amount of time. When you need hundreds or thousands of checks printed and mailed to clients for rebates or refunds, you can outsource the entire job to Checkeeper without sacrificing the professional quality of the checks. Checkeeper can fulfill a custom order of any size and have your needed checks in the mail according to the priority mailing speed of your choice. Easy uploading of a CSV file or spreadsheet with the relevant payment information is all it takes to have dozens, hundreds, or thousands of checks printed and mailed promptly and professionally.

Checks are still a widely-used way to issue and process business payments. Make the most of the branding opportunity by creating professional, customized checks that help make your business stand out and be remembered. Customized business checks can help enhance a company’s overall reputation when they are professional, unique, and promptly delivered.