Outsourcing and Automating Free Up Time

Jan 22, 2024

Everyone wants more time in their days, and millions of workers around the country have restructured their jobs and careers to accommodate a more flexible working schedule that gives them more control over their time. Business owners have a lot to accomplish and can only devote so many hours and so much energy to all the tasks demanding attention. Outsourcing some of the high-expertise work to outside professionals, while automating some of the routine administrative, clerical, or accounting work, can help alleviate some of the pressures placed on a single individual or small staff, and they can give everyone more of their time back.

Outsourcing and automating can be beneficial because they:

·       Improve efficiency

·       Allow business owners to tap into expertise beyond their own

·       Save time otherwise spent on routine office and financial management tasks

·       Cost less than full-time IT, admin, and bookkeeping hires

·       Alleviate the burdens for your staff so that their energy is more productively invested

·       Prevent burnout from doing everything yourself

If you or your staff are draining time and energy on routine administrative and financial management tasks, consider integrating some automating tools and, when necessary, outside skills to help redistribute the work:

Check printing and mailing

Paper checks are still widely used for business purposes, despite all the payment methods available today. Checks are secure, familiar, and incur far fewer hidden fees than a lot of other payment options. Online check printing is the modernized alternative to familiar check-writing, and it has been adopted by hundreds of thousands of small businesses, organizations, bookkeepers, and individuals who want the convenience and security of paper checks without the manual data entry, paperwork, and costly fees charged for bank checks. Checkeeper is the go-to service for customized check printing and mailing; Checkeeper offers a customizable check template that enables check printing from the privacy and convenience of your office, home, or remote location; it also can handle any volume of checks to be printed for you at the Checkeeper facility and mailed within the same business day to the address(es) you stipulate. Consider the Checkeeper template a vital digital tool for creating checks on demand; consider Checkeeper check printing and mailing services for a complete outsourcing option to handle one-time, high-volume check orders, as well as small-volume everyday bill payments and mailings when you lack the time, supplies, or interest in doing it yourself.


There is a wide array of software products available to businesses of all sizes to assist with the complex and time-consuming work of running a payroll. The vast majority of small businesses today have fewer than 20 employees, and getting each of them their entitled compensation accurately and promptly is vital to keeping the business running smoothly. Cloud-based software for HR management and payroll is a great tool for small businesses to get some affordable assistance with the complex process of running payroll. Not all online accounting programs for payroll have their own paycheck printing options. For those businesses who use an online payroll service that does not have check printing options, Checkeeper can step in and work seamlessly to issue paper checks to those employees who prefer it. Checkeeper can be a stand-alone solution for printing paychecks for the entire organization, or it can integrate with many of the widely-used payroll software programs for businesses so that data can be entered once and updated across all channels in real time.


While outsourcing the bookkeeping used to be cost-prohibitive for many small businesses, the plethora of virtual and remote bookkeeping services that has cropped up over the last few years has made affordable access to professional bookkeepers a possibility for many companies. Virtual bookkeepers who handle your finances from afar can more efficiently issue payments when they have access to your online check printing account. Checkeeper was designed with bookkeepers and accountants in mind, and it is a well-known, widely-used tool that enables bookkeepers to create business checks online and issue them on your business’s behalf. If you are considering outsourcing some or all of the bookkeeping to a professional—particularly one that works offsite—Checkeeper can keep you both connected so that payments can be promptly issued, monitored, tracked, and mailed, with the data automatically synced with the other accounting and payroll software that you choose to use.