Online Check Printing Without Limitations

Mar 8, 2024
Online Check Printing Without Limitations

Check-printing options do not come standard with many accounting applications, and those that do are often very limited in their features. Tired of all the limitations? Checkeeper alleviates the limits that users can encounter with other applications.

Checkeeper does not limit:

How many checks you print

Print one check or hundreds: the monthly account price covers an unlimited number of times you can access your account and unlimited number of changes you can make to your custom checks.

If your business manages multiple checking accounts, or if you use Checkeeper for both personal and professional spending, you benefit from being able to adapt your on-demand checks to the bank account specific to each transaction. Change the contact info, routing number, and/or bank account info on the checks as often as needed so that each payment is drawn from the proper account.

The type or style of check stock you use

Checkeeper was designed to accommodate any check stock on the market and any layout a specific client prefers. Some check applications are only compatible with check-on-top format, which limits not only your check paper options, but also your layout preferences for invoice tables, pay stubs, and other attached documentation. Checkeeper works with any layout and paper type you choose, and can even print a legally-viable check on plain paper, if that’s all that is available to you.

How long you can use the service

When your usual check service or accounts payable provider suffers a disruption, security breach, product discontinuation, or financial downturn, you will need a quick substitute to keep suppliers, contractors, and employees paid. Checkeeper has worked as both a long-term provider and as a short-term solution for those companies who have lost access to a check-issuing partner or software. With no ongoing commitment or contract, Checkeeper can be tried risk-free for 14 days and then adopted on a month-to-month basis for as long or as short a time as needed.

How many checks you can order printed for you

High-volume check printing and mailing is a Checkeeper specialty. Businesses that have a sudden need to issue hundreds or thousands of checks at once—for customer rebates, client refunds, reimbursements, or settlement payments, for example—can count on Checkeeper to do all the work. Upload a CSV file or spreadsheet with the relevant payee and address information, and Checkeeper will have all your needed checks printed and mailed on your behalf. A call or email can get you a custom quote for a large, complicated, or time-sensitive order.

Business owners who have moved, downsized, or opened multiple new locations over the last few years know how frustrating it is to have boxes of business checks with outdated contact info. And those who have changed banks or who pay expenses from more than one checking account have also experienced the additional burden of having to order and reorder new checks for each bank and account. Online check printing puts an end to all that. Checkeeper offers a customizable check template that can be designed and redesigned as often as you need. Change your bank, address, contact information, or business logo as needed; the routing and account numbers at the bottom of the check are automatically formatted for you in the MICR-encoded font that bank computers recognize, and you can update those numbers, as well, to print checks from as many accounts as you need.

When and where you access your account

Online, cloud-based software can offer 24/7, real-time access to updated account information from wherever users happen to be working. If your work takes you on the road or to various client locations, you can keep your check-issuing and bill paying up-to-date. If your business operates multiple locations, or if you employ a remote bookkeeper, everyone can stay on the same page, financially, with online financial management tools and cloud-based access. Have multiple people accessing the books and issuing payments—all at different times and from different locations? Not a problem with Checkeeper’s cloud-based, mobile-optimized software that allows multiple user authorization and real-time remote access and updates.

Fewer limitations with Checkeeper

If your accounting software lacks check-printing features, places a lot of restrictions on the check options, or doesn’t offer check mailing, Checkeeper is the ideal solution. Use it as a stand-alone or as an add-on to other payroll and accounting tools for all your check printing and mailing needs.